Cricket Thread

Some do.

Depends on the bird basically.

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Usually no. Definitely not unsolicited anyway. Depends on the situation. If I was chatting to a guy for ages and it got flirty, a little bit of that is OK, though I can be a bit of a prude, so perhaps not anything that strong :sweat_smile:

From having had this discussion with other girls, the majority don’t like “dick pics”, though some do.

So in other words you’ve given the answer I gave above.

Yeah alright Mr Expert On Women

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You get a like for that one, well played.

WTF is going on in this shitty ass game!?

Anybody who’s ever played is a RAYY - CIST

Azeem Rafiq sent creepy messages to an underage girl apparently.

Dirty bastard

Good comeback from Hassan Ali taking a 5fer after his T20 WC.

He’s a quality player that deserves backing

Gripping end to the India vs NZ test match, with NZ and bad light seeing it out for a draw.