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I actually think that was a very good comparison you just made :clap:


Really weak with team selection this tour. When we lost the first test the likes of Root were coming out with “we’ve been playing good cricket we just need to play well for longer”. Such a deluded mindset about why we lost out and it was so obvious that we were too confident about the side.

Kept the same side until the Ashes were gone and made a pointless change when we did…

Cook, Root, Ali and Broad have been useless out there. Ali especially, fucking hell it’s blindingly obvious he’s not suited to Aussie conditions. Mason Crane was there in the squad just chilling doing nothing while our spinner did nothing with bat or ball.

We’re too scared to change the team up and that gave the Aussies nothing to worry about at all.


Well at least we’re not finishing the tour on a whimper. It’s just frustrating that our best day of the series comes when the only thing left to play for is pride.

Nice to see Cook get another century, though. What is it they say? Form is temporary, class is permanent.


Broad, Cook and Root finally came to the party.


Brilliant day for England, doesn’t obviously mean as much with the Ashes already won but considering they lost 5-0 last time here they won’t want to repeat the dose. Lazy batting by us with 3 players chopping on, to lose 7-80odd on a pretty dead pitch was poor.


Cook double century and a great knock, but it can’t be forgotten he made 80 runs @13 when the series was actually on the line. Jackson Bird is a spud and hopefully does not get selected to play for Australia again.


At the cricket in the bar


Come on the draw!


Your bet is looking good, you will really want us to win the 5th Test.


Yeah. I know I should want England to win one, and despite my bet I really did, but as soon as the series was lost I was like, “screw it, might as well win some money now”. So yeah, come on Australia.


Strange England sent Bairstow out to bat instead of a night watchmen with under 2 overs left in the days play after Root dismissal, could prove costly.


Australia just dropped 2 of the worst catches you are ever likely to see at Test level in consecutive overs, if Pakistan did the same thing match fixing would be the talk of the town.


Interesting start to this South Africa vs India series, good to see conditions that allow the ball to move around a fair bit.


Wonder what the odds were on the Marsh brothers getting a test century during this Ashes tournament?

Need them to stick together for a while longer anyway. 200 or so more runs for Australia should be enough. It better not end a draw!

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I Wonder what the odds were for both Marsh brothers scoring 2 centuries this series ? Haha.

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Australia declare at 649-7 halfway through Day 4 with a lead of 303, Mason Crane will be relieved the declaration stopped him from bringing up his double century.


@Phoebica England 93-4 at Stumps still trailing by 210, your bet is looking rather good. England’s last 10 Tests in Australia could be 0-1-9 which is not so good :rofl:


Yep, having absolutely no faith in England has paid off :grinning:


Humiliation over for England, Australia winning by an innings & 123 runs. I think this Australian team if healthy will do the job and win on English soil in 18 months also.


Wickets will suit us better at home. The wickets in Australia were perfect for pure pace which we just dont have

Relying way to much on an ageing Anderson and a not in form Broad. Shame for us that Wood wasnt fit as he has the pace that is needed

Considering that the Marsh brothers and Khawaja were all possibly on their last chances we massively let them off the hook with our timid bowling

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