Cricket Thread


England haven’t been competitive in this series. No express pacers, no quality spinners, main batsmen contributing nothing and a tail that isn’t wagging for shit.

How can you collapse from 368-4 to 403 all out on a flat deck that’s abysmal. We weren’t equipped to go down under and compete it’s as simple as that.

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@Aussiegooner we would have no problem relying on the rain in this country, lol

Edit: screw the rain. Jimmy A getting both Smith and Marsh within half hour. Let’s do this. This is the reason why i don’t sleep.

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In recent times it’s me hoping for that English rain when we go over given the way we play the duke ball :rofl:

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Australia call it at 662-9 after 179.3 overs of toil for the English :rofl:


“Rain stopped play”



Good for your bet, especially with rain forecast early tomorrow also, as for the Ashes it won’t change the fact we are winning that back.


Hah. I clicked on the thread to see what’s the fuss about and immediately saw this.

Effing cricket. Always dependent on something, pitch, dew, rain, toss.


And that’s that. Thanks for nothing, weather.

Safe to say, this trip Down Under has not been a very successful one.


It rained out all the first session and half of yesterday’s final session :rofl:. Imagine being 368-4 and losing a test by an innings and 41 :fire:

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Aussies deservedly winning the series, but the ashes is just played too often now. Losing impact imo.


We need to go over and defend it in England in 2019, that will be the big test for us now.



You’ll know better than me, but is that Australia team even that good? It seems pretty average to me? Though, we made you look like world beaters!


Our bowling attack is one of the best in the world at the moment, but our batting is fragile masked by the brilliance of Steve Smith. We just had a highly competitive series in India this year that we lost 2-1 and a draw. We head to South Africa in March for a 4 Test series that will really test what sort of side we are.

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Mitch Starc out of the Boxing day test match, that’s some sort of respite for the Poms.


I always thought Poms was a derogatory term, no?


“ prisoners of her majesty is my understanding “


David Warner loves a dead rubber, 83 not out at Lunch.


This is painful. Bloody dead rubber, we have a team full of dead rubbers!


I think the moment England dismissed Warner on 99 only for it to be a no ball just about sums up this series perfectly for them.


Warner is the cricket equivalent of Lukaku. Does fuck all until the game is won and then plays a blinder.

Really don’t like that guy.

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