Cricket Thread

It rains in Pakistan ? Is this an abnormal time of year for cricket in Pakistan ? It’s been a while but I can’t remember Aus games getting delayed in Pakistan due to weather.

Yes. There are some rains in rainy season which is about now.

I guess so, but the domestic season is taking place in winter.

Yous haven’t toured Pak for about 20 years :arteta:

Since 1999 you’ve only played us in UAE iirc so I can’t imagine matches ever getting rained out over there.

Finally happening now. :giroud2:

Sarfraz out man ffs

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South Africa putting up a good fight. Elgar has playing beautifully so far. They need to bat till atleast 1st session tomorrow to draw or even try to get a result from this game.

Sarfraz puddha fat cunt

@Artactics whitewashed at home by Sri Lanka’s B team :arteta:

Still, so nice to see full stadium in lahore and cricket back home without any issues. Now future tours shouldn’t really be an issue for most nations.

And hopefully the new domestic system allows Misbah to pick the best performers from now on, no excuses.

Surprisingly not worried. Listened to Misbah discuss the situation with the press the other day and he’s saying all the right things imo. Basically been relying on the same guys during this successful T20 record. It’s embarrassing but a wake up call.

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I never want to see Akmal, Shahzad or Sarfraz in the team again. Or Malik and Hafeez (who will be their likely replacements)

Misbah didn’t help himself selecting those bums. I mean all the guys mentioned, at their peak were never better than mediocre ffs. Why select them now, when they’re well pay their best???

Well, the new domestic is unearthing some interesting prospects, and many of the best performers are young guys. So Misbah has no excuses for not selecting them.

The Australia tour will be painful. @Aussiegooner yous are actually selecting a strong T20 team which is crazy for yous, no?

Normally we don’t take T20 type series very seriously, so it would be a rare occurrence for us to select a strong squad.

Really strong lineup.

Man I want Sarfraz out ASAP. He is literally the Xhaka of Pakistan cricket.

@Sol Kohli :giroud2:

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Haven’t been following the India vs SA test series much. But what’s the case here. India too good, SA have become shit, or a mixture of both? SA pretty much likely to lose the series 3-0 it seems.

Pretty much a mixture of both, India are basically unbeatable at home these days though.


Just seen the score and it looks like SA have already given up by now :joy:

Sarfraz finally out. Misbah you ledge.

Still going to get pumped off the Aussies though.

@Aussiegooner are you gonna follow the SRL and Pak tours down under bro?

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Will take great interest in the Test series vs You and NZ this summer. I think we should beat you but expecting NZ to be a good challenge.

Sri Lanka have been non competitive in the first two T20 games here this series.

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Yeah you should hump us 2-0 really but we have some interesting selections this time that may make things a little spicier.

I’m really excited to see 16 year old Naseem Shah on your Aussie pitches.

He was outstanding for the U19s and has been the best pacer in our new domestic season.

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Rain ruined the first T20 game @Electrifying, typical Sydney.

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Easy work for Smith in the second.

Misbah not helping himself selecting these auld cunts.

We have serious youth-phobia in the PCT.

Also Fakharaud Zaman needs dropped for a while.

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Only a good run in the T20 format at the moment the Aussies.

We hammered you last night @Electrifying. Be interesting to see how the Test series goes starting Thursday week. Looking forward to watching Babar.

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:giroud2: only world class player Pakistan have got

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Great confidence boost for Pakistan ahead of the first test, impressive day of batting vs Australia A. I look forward to Babar’s Test average climbing significantly in the near future.

Australia A 52-8 :crazy_face: @Electrifying

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