Cricket Thread

Nothing top NSW win in game 3 of origin yesterday mate. Bloody awesome finish.

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I thought QLD was dead at 20-8, then get it back to 20-20 with the momentum only for NSW to score a last ditch try.

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Dharmasena review system in action early

Wreckless review from Guptill. That one was plumb from word go. Nipped back on the back leg on a low bounce. Not sure what the openers saw there.

Silly use of a review. No that’s complaining, mind.

Great review from us! Just the slightest of touch

Selfish from Guptill to take the review early, but another horror decision to give Taylor out.
With the technology they have at this level, all LBW wicket decisions must given only after it has been validated by Hawk-eye.


I did know why Taylor walked with the ball being to high on the pad. But now you mentioned the three reviews being taken early I understand. Difficult decisions on when to take reviews especially with the first order battling.

Fuck off umpire

Boult‘s bowling well. This is going to be tough.

Very disciplined bowling from NZ not sure we’ll get this world cup

We’re struggling quite a bit out there. The Root wicket could be massive for NZ

We’ve to busy defending the wicket to score runs

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We just haven’t looked comfortable so far. We need to get a good partnership going involving these two or Woakes/Buttler. After that we’re proper fucked.


I think we look fucked now.

Nothing wide nothing short no runs

Lords is a great ground. Always an even contest between bat and ball.

Was more of a typo. There’s just one review that Guptill lost on a plumb decision.

They heard me :smile:

Think we have this now

Think that catch will do it for New Zealand! Big ask now