Cricket Thread

Gonna be a washout anyway.

In the words of Ajax from The Warriors: “I’ll tell you something. I’ll bet you nobody’s even gonna be there”

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Mate that will be glorious

After having calmed down @Aussiegooner that was a great game, Pak bringing the excitement to this WC :kroenke:

Can’t really fault any of the Pak players, Australia are just a better side. Pak are a young team and will grow so I can’t hate them, especially since they tried here.

However I do think some changes need to be made. Shoaib Malik is finished and should be replaced. As should Asif Ali, who is going through a drop in form.

Adding Sohail who is a decent batsmen can help deepen our batting lineup.

What u think @manlikehass

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Yeah I mean Asif’s a great striker of the ball on his day but he’s simply not delivered anything like what is expected of him. Could have just kept Faheem in the side if this is all our pinch hitter’s coming up with.

As for Malik… I’m done doubting this man. Hafeez and Malik no matter what happens they always find their way back into the side for good reason. He’s too experienced and too professional even when a bad day comes along.

Sohail’s a talent but just as inconsistent imo.
I reckon Asif gets the axe for the next one.

India are too good across the board for us to be anything less than special all areas of performance. It’s a massive game in terms of semi-final qualification though.

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India v New Zealand should quietly be a fuckin barnstormer tomorrow too. NZ are doing the bits this year and I fancy them to cause a ruckus tomorrow.

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True tbh, I used to hate the Prof but I’m never doubting him again. He’s probs my fave player and I love that moustache.

Malik had the same status but his form recently has been patchy AF.

NZL could cause a surprise but India are now heavy favourite imo.

However Dhawan may be a big miss.

Ffs today’s match ruined by the weather. Damn fucking shame

Washout on Sunday inshallah.

Be our best result at a WC and would boil your piss so much cos yous will annihilate us in any match.

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4 no results so far in the tournament, this WC is going to create records for sure.

Reverse voodoo magic.

Fuckin voodoo magic, man!

(I like it)

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I’m so hyped for this match but weather looking ropey as fuck.

Real shame NZ v India called off. The two teams who have started the strongest facing off at this stage would have been really exciting to watch

Sri Lanka are a joke

Got off to a flying start, but I was always relatively confident they wouldn’t be able to chase down 330 odd.

If South Africa or New Zealand are winning this competition, @ me I will be interested then


Pakistan have to lift

I was promised rain.

Where is this rain?!?!??

Hasan Ali is dun out here

We need some of this c’ntish crowd at the Emirates.

Least we’d get an atmosphere

Big wicket for India. Broken the partnership.

Ffs GG @Sol

Why can’t Babar ever get to the 50 ffs.

He gets himself in, then gets out.

Fat fuck at it again. This man is our captain ffs


And that’s that.