Cricket Thread


The days of 250 being par were way better…


Yeah I agree with that tbh, I always find evenly matched lower scoring games to be more interesting viewing.

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Chris Gayle blasting England around :wenger2:

@Aussiegooner this true? :arteta:

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Usman just scored a century against them last night :syringe:.

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Another Century for Usman in the deciding one day game in India, amazing series win for us coming from 2-0 to win a series 3-2 in India.


A mate showed me a twitter thread of Kohli’s stats / achievements as an ODI batsmen. The stats are fucking insane. The GOAT.

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He really is amazing man. Love his cocky demeanour as well.

But I still have Sachin above just because of the attacks Sachin had to face compared to today.


Virat is comfortably the best ODI Batsman we’ve seen.

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I’ll try and find the thread for you boys. It’s incredible. Absolute monster


@Aussiegooner after you boys pumping the Pak reserves twice, it seems to look close this time round.

Let’s see how Pak bottle this run chase though, it will be spectacular :arteta:

And there it is :poldi:

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Yeah players missing from opponents, but we’ve come good all of the sudden, that’s 6 consecutive ODI wins on the bounce.

Pat Cummins is the best bowler in the world at the moment.


Pakistan finding new ways to lose games, 60 needed off 66 with 8 wickets in hand and two players well set at the crease, end up falling 6 runs short…

7th consecutive win for us.

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:arteta: :arteta: :arteta:

Just experimenting how to collapse at the world cup

They are the worst at chasing

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