Cricket Thread


India won the 1st test against us by 31 runs in Adelaide. As I expected we just couldn’t make enough runs in the absence of Steve Smith and David Warner.

2nd Test starts in Perth today, if India win this one they’re on the brink of winning their first ever test series on Australian soil.

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Australia bounce back in Perth, India needed 287 to win the test but could only manage 140.

We head to Boxing Day with the series tied at 1-1, this is arguably the biggest Boxing Day Test match that I can remember in my life.

Off to the Cricket today, at least with the dire state of the MCG pitch I won’t feel bad spending 80% of the day in the bar.

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India doing the business in Aus and SA roasting Pak.

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If it wasn’t for Pat Cummins we’d have been embarrassed this Test in Melbourne.


South Africa


India win the series 2-1 in Australia and it was even more convincing than the score line suggests.


England bowled out for 77 in the 1st Test in the West Indies :eyes:.

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Fuck me feels like where playing the 1970s Windies here.

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Jason Holder might make a double century after the whole England team got bowled out for 77, absolutely amazing.

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Pat Cummins 6-16 off 14 overs, what a man :heart_eyes:.


Some part timer gets 8-60. Wow West Indies proper bringing back the good old days.


Sri Lanka have recorded a stunning test match victory in South Africa, putting on 78 for the final wicket to record a 1 wicket win.

England saved some face winning the final test match in the Caribbean after an embarrassing first 2 tests.


What a mafia. These dirty fuckers at it again.

Clearly rattled that Pak would slap them up again in England.

If India always best Pakistan in world cups, what the problem? It’ll be another win and more bragging rights from them.

But this is just more corruption and cunty mafia tactics from the BCCI.

Just forfeit the match if you’re gonna be bitches. Or beat Pak and have your nice ‘beat the evil terrorists using the power of cricket’ moment.

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Everyone knows though that India rules cricket. Really need standing up to on this. Dispicable thing to try and also ramped up a lot of tension now around the Pakistan team.


Sri Lanka win a test series 2-0 in South Africa :thinking:.

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As much as I fuckin hate sports fixtures and politics aligning like this… the countries are pretty much on the cusp now.

Understandable that at this juncture the match doesn’t go ahead. Killer loss of revenue for all the sport but there you go.

The intentions to scrap this are one sided at the moment so India should just cough up the points. Anyhow it turns into mutual defiance then no result the fucker.

This whole recommendation in a more spread sport gets laughed out the boardroom. But reality is India are the life blood of this games finances and the tournament couldn’t cope without them.

Fuck all World Cup teams around and yet somehow the sport would benefit with one of them excluded. It was stupid with talk of Zimbabwe being ousted and it’s stupid as shit now too.


Think most nations and fans would rather watch us than India, for the unpredictability if nothing else.

Think they all also know that India are just having a big tantrum.

I doubt Aus or England (the other godfathers of the ICC mafia) would mind if one of their main competitors excuses themselves from the tournament.

All India can do is boycott/forfeit the game which is fine by me. Hope the final is India Pakistan again, just to see how their principles hold up in that case :arteta:


Glen Maxwell 113 off 55 and we take the t20 series 2-0 in India :syringe:.

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England 418/6 then West Indies reply with 389, amazing one day game that one.


I’m gonna miss big Chris

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