Cricket Thread


Rain appears to be saving India from some horrendous batting. 15-3 and there has probably only been about 20 minutes of actual play :joy:


Struck gold with that toss did England.

Subcontinental sides against Anderson in these conditions are his meat and drink.


India :arteta:


:arteta: :arteta: :arteta:

EATEN by Anderson


FFS I missed all the play.

My Indian friend has been complaining about their selection but I didn’t think it was that bad :joy::joy:


ECB’s media team got your back

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Cheers! I always seem to miss it when England have a great days play. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll witness a batting collapse of our own.

Judging from the highlights our fielding in the slip has actually been poor again today…


No great sides in Cricket anymore is there ? Just home team dominance, seriously 85% of series last few years must have been won by the home team.


Home teams these days just gimp the pitches to suit themselves these days.

Apart from England maybe and that’s why we’ve seen so many good tests there

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How many tests is this England vs India series ?


4th test is absolutely huge. Really looking forward to it.


England win the 4th Test, take this series 3-1 brilliant stuff.

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Yeah today was the perfect day to be bowling. Moeen Ali was superb, great conditions for a spin bowler.

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Fantastic stuff from Moeen


Great series. Sam Curran’s a huge talent.


His not that old is he in cricketing terms ? Maybe 34 ? Has played a lot of cricket though, maybe the mental fatigue has worn him down.


Cook gets a century in his final international innings. What a way to end your career!

He also managed to piss off Piers Morgan in the process which is the cherry on top

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What a guy.

Still remember the hype when he destroyed Australia in that ashes series, read a nice writeup about it too.


A century in his first test and a a century in his last test. And he did it all purely to annoy Piers Morgan. What a hero.


Anderson :arteta: :laca: