Yes Cristo but I was meaning in terms of the public consciousness

My political awareness is probably no worse than average and I’d never heard of him before 2 weeks ago!

I switched off for a while because Brexit all became too much, so I guess he snuck in then at some point

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I went out to my flat balcony at 8pm and there was alot of cheering, clapping, car horn beeping, it was great.

This video was quite nice aswell


God that’s actually quite nice, goosebumps.

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Quite a bit of clapping here in Fulham

Yeah fair enough, he didn’t have a profile for sure.

He was Secretary of the Treasury wasn’t he?

I wouldn’t be surprised if his promotion comes as part of some scheme to get in with India and work out a trade deal.

Wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing Infosys (the company Sunak’s father-in-law owns) getting a lot of UK govt contracts lol

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I think it’s got me been shivering for the last two hours non stop😬

Yeah we had a great reception where I am. Very happy to see us all get together at times like these. Need more of these moments right now!

I opened my front door and wondered why the fuck people were clapping :slight_smile:

Moving scenes indeed.

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Going from Chancellor to the leader of a country can only be a good thing. History tells us that :blush:

Good Luck Ryan


It was lovely to hear so many in Southend clapping for the NHS. What would be an even lovelier gesture for the NHS and its workers would be for the people of Southend to not return a massive fucking Tory majority the next time there’s a general election.


Prince Charles is a fucking jug-eared, selfish wanker by the way. He’s displaying symptoms of the coronavirus and decides to travel up to rural fucking Scotland with his wife and entourage, thus endangering the community there. Lo and behold, he tested positive for the fucking thing in the end. He’s the heir to the throne, he has additional responsibilities to set a half way decent example at a time like this.

Also, it gets my back up when that twat Nick Robinson tweets an announcement of Charles’ positive test and starts it off saying “we are all in this together”, like fuck we’re fucking buying that Nick. I get that the heir to the throne will get preferential treatment, and that even his wife might too as a result, so I understand why they both got tested. He had mild symptoms, I’m not clear that she had any. A regular person with mild symptoms, even of a similar age is not getting tested. So don’t feed us this utter bollocks about all being in it together, it’s an insult to our intelligence to think we’ll swallow that bullshit line credulously. Fucking obsequious little toad.


I’ve clearly woken up angry today :laughing:

Apologies, I’ll endeavour to not be a Debbie Downer all day if I’m posting on here.

How’s everyone coping with the lifestyle changes ?

I said as much, in less words, a few days back :grin:

Irresponsible by people that should be leading by example.

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Not great, but you’ve got to soldier on and find positives where you can :grin:


Angry or not you’re indisputably correct!


I completely agree, excellent post.

I’ve always been for deposing and abolishing the monarchy.


Time to rip that bong

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