Coming to terms with mental health issues

Do you think you want to patch this up at all? Is there any coming back for the both of you?

I drink at 4am too when I can’t get back to sleep at 4am

I also lost my missus and kids too


No. I’m not even that sad about it to be honest. He wasn’t a nice person in the end. But the whole situation just piled stress on.

Sorry to hear that. Hope you’re coping OK.


Respect to you for being open about the issues you’ve had to face.

This lockdown has a lot to answer for and I know of two people in particular that are in a similar situation as you. They’ve spent more time with the person they’re married to over lock down and realised what an abusive, controlling and all round not very nice person they are to be around. Awful stuff.

Sounds like you’ve had a really hard time but also even though it may not feel like it you’ve taken a step in the right direction and decided that this person isn’t right for you, that’s huge, especially when marriage is involved things become more complex. Too many people after a long time of trying, just give up and stay in a situation that makes them worse, you’ve not done that and you’ve decided that that situation isn’t acceptable for you, well done because that takes balls.
I know it’s so cliche but life is too short, too short to spend it with people you don’t really like that much and too short to accept what is the situation now needs to be the situation for the rest of your life.

What I love about this place and I’ve noticed in the 13+ years I’ve been about here is that even though we can all be arseholes in our own way, we can all come together and support our own when it’s needed.


Yep, I can attest to that, everyone has been incredible any time I’ve had major issues in my life, this is an amazing place to escape to and completely judgment free.


I can imagine. Have you still not got back into running? I think running or even just walks are the best thing for coping with panic attacks and stress generally. It’s like a vent that can relieve the stress build up. Sometimes simply getting fresh air helps when you’re down.

If you ever feel desperate please message myself or someone on here you’re comfortable with if you’re feeling desperate

I’ve done the odd run, but haven’t had enough motivation to get back into it properly. I want to, though. But I do try and go for walks often, hopefully the warmer weather will help.


That’s good. Targets for your short term and long term really help. As do finding hobbies you enjoy alone or with friends

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Yeah, I mean that and we also do love some juicy gossip, but real talk y’all OA ppl are freaks :grin::grin::heart::heart: (I say that not having revealed the recent drama in my life which out freaks all of you lmaoo so I say it with love :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:). We all have our skeletons in the closet so coming out to talk about it sometimes is like therapy and definitely helpful many times.


To whomsoever it suits their life plans

“Get a pet”

Yeah echoing what everyone has said, although we have our disagreements on here, everyone is here for anyone. If anyone feels the need to talk to vent, I’m a good listener. At least I’ve been told


You spelt dog wrong



You spelled puppy wrong

Somewhere in Belfast a man is searching for a cat picture right now.

Nah fuck that, they look cute, but you ever had to train one?


I tried telling the other half that when she put the deposit down for Echo, I suppose it didn’t bother her though as she hasn’t had to do any of the training or walking or cleaning up his shit.


But isn’t all that training exactly the kind of activity to distract you?
You can also build the stamina before indulging in long walks when your dog grows up.

On side note

Spelled or Spelt?
  • Spelled
  • Spelt

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Seem a pretty rounded person. Know your likes and dislikes. Just need time and things opening up should help and help your reconnect.
Don’t set too many targets for yourself till your ready.


For me, spelt is a kind of wheat.

Both are correct in English, either is acceptable, but I feel past tense words like this with a t at the end rather than the Ed is a little outdated. I would tend to favour the Ed ending

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