Combative member of the Year 2018


  • AbouCuellar
  • Arsenal4thetreble
  • Aussiegooner
  • JakeyBoy
  • Mhappy
  • SDGooner
  • Sevchenko
  • Trion

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@AbouCuellar @BigWeng_4LYFE @Aussiegooner @JakeyBoy @mhappy @SDGooner
@sevchenko @Trion

Vote for the Combative member of the Year from a choice of eight. Don’t argue too hard for it!

Which fucking cunts voted for me?

I didn’t even have any altercations this year.

I think my vote will go to @Aussiegooner . I like that he’s not afraid to speak his mind and sticks to his guns, even against the more popular opinions that surface sometimes in some threads, but he argues his points well.


Thank you to the people who gave me a nomination :joy:. Think I’ll give my vote to AC on this one…

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How did I even make the list lol

I wouldn’t take it personally, the list mostly just seems to be people I’ve argued with

You really want an answer to that lol

It also not a bad thing either btw.


I don’t mind at all :laughing:; just sad @JakeyBoy is winning :grin:

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Indeed, the award isn’t meant to be negative per se. It’s good to see when people get stuck into debates and arguments, as long as it’s productive and constructive of course. If we all had the same opinion it wouldn’t be as interesting.

Oh, I totally nominated and voted negatively. I thought it was a polite way of saying cunt of the year.

Ah, you voted for cuellar then.

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What was seemingly like an assured lead throughout most of the week for Jake, the tides turned in the final few days, no doubt from a certain thread, which resulted in AC snatching the award right at the end.

@AbouCuellar 15 votes
@JakeyBoy 14 votes
@AussieGooner 7 votes
@Trion 4 votes
@BigWeng_4LYFE 3 votes
@Sevchenko 2 votes
@SDGooner 1 vote
@Mhappy 0 votes

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I know @AbouCuellar is a big fan of the awards, so must surely be pleased to win such a good one :fire:

Thanks to the 7 posters that voted for me, I’ll gladly accept a 3rd placed finish :ok_hand:.

Bit disappointing you’d so easily accept third in this one.

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I have respect for the 2 posters that beat me in this one, I think both are very worthy.

If you’re going to make serious responses I’m out. :slight_smile:

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Holy shit I forgot I was nominated for this, I shoulda been fighting with ppl irl this week.

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This is fucking outrageous, as if you lot are stupid enough to give this cunt the award after a week of being a cunt.

I’m a cunt all year round.

Fucking abysmal from all of you.