Cohen Bramall


Is he gonna play for our reserves/under 23 or is gonna out on loan?


Initially he’ll be with the under 23s, but who knows where he’ll be after that.


Very strange signing. Hopefully he proves to be a true fairytale signing for the club. More than likely though he’ll just end up being a really obscure pub quiz question in 10 years time :laughing:


Remember Jenkinson :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly this.


So basically as with Sanogo but for some reason we still had people complaining lol

I say this every time this comes up but the club should be doing this more. There’s just not enough money put into potentially good players at that age bracket.


A flaw of Wenger’s is signing these random players no one has heard of. Except for Lucas these signings rarely work.


Its not really a flaw. At the end of the day he’s made that boy’s dream come true and given him a platform for his career.


Tbf it does always depend on what role said player has to fill. If you buy a 28yo striker in Lucas you can expect him to have a bigger impact immediately and be part of the full time squad, while when it’s a 20yo it’s basically just a gamble that may or may not work. Given that he will cost almost no money to keep around it’s definitely worth it to do more often while getting someone while Lucas in and have him not do as expected is more of a problem both financially and as far as squad building goes.


What if he’s not very good? It seems a signing based on sympathy, like Sanogo.


He is a 20-year old kid that 99% of us had never heard of.
ATM he is not going to, and not able to, dislodge Monreal and Gibbs…

Welcome aboard but we should not have any expectation on him, as he is just a project and most likely will spend a couple of seasons with the youth team and then we will see.


If he’s not very good then he’ll be shipped off to a lower level club. We will have lost nothing, in fact we could make a few quid on him.

Sanogo was a weird one because he came with injury issues from the off and was really average. Somehow managed to start against Liverpool and Bayern Munich in the same season. Another gamble that practically cost us nothing. It only costs us when Wenger starts using these players in the first team when it’s clearly not their level.


Sanogo being 2nd/3rd choice striker that season was just sad though. Luckily Giroud didn’t get injured.


Yeah that was the sad thing, not exactly what we were paying him etc but the fact Wenger saw him as a useful squad option and relied upon him.


Honestly couldn’t give a fuck about this transfer but the way some of our players have been playing lately I genuinely wouldn’t be against looking at non league players as improvements…


It’s slightly different in that Sanogo at one point was our second choice and started matches against teams like Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

Hopefully Bramall will be further from the first team, but if he has a similar squad role as Sanogo did at that point and is shit then I’m sure we’ll see the same complaints haha.


Hopefully Monreal and Gibbs aren’t adulterous bitches.


And did better than our then 1st choice striker was doing at the time, don’t forget. :wink:


Sanogo’s situation is also different in the sense that he was bought from France’s 2nd division, not 22nd!


Tbf hardly his fault though and less to the point that some would get upset that he got paid by the club, which really was almost nothing compared to the others.