Cohen Bramall


That’s the point I’m trying to make. When you’re 20 and you’re still at a non-League club chances of you making it are very, very slim. The path you describe is a rarity.


If he has it in him to become a top flight footballer and is a quick learner, there’a nothing to say otherwise. Believe it or not its possible to become a premier league footballer without having top level football education from the age of 9.


Everybody blamed the top club to haven’t scouted low league players like Jamie Vardy and Mahrez. We sign a LB from a lower league (and to help our U21) and people still blame the club.

We’re fucking strange :wenger2:


Nobody is arguing that that isn’t possible, In fact most of those 9-year olds doesn’t even make it in football.


Not as much (mainly cause I’m not following Arsenal as much), but no, not one that’s remotely interesting or even really good enough for the youths.

I was kidding about Cohen Bramall btw, all I know about him is he’s got a fun name.


Cohen? Cohen who?
Cohen fuck yourself.

Old gag. Fuck, it’s older than me. :slight_smile:




Nice story.

Welcome to the Arsenal.


I love the fact that he’s training with steel Objects with only the enigmatic Boro Primorac watching his progress from afar !


This is a massive shout from Brian McDermott and the scouting team, but I love a fairy-tale so really hope Bramall does well.


I thought it might have been that Leicester scout that found him as that is his speciality, but seems not. I wonder if that guy from Leicester is keeping tabs on anyone for us that he was scouting whilst he was at Leicester, and has continued to scout them for us instead.



We have had good scouts in the past but we havent aleays used them well. The last 5 years the club was in turmoil in its yoof policies but what makes us produce so little is our slavish coaching model which runs from the cradle . Short intensive fitness drills and endless 3/4/5 a sides of keepball. No defence coaching or defensive drillling .


I wish the guy well and hope he becomes a real asset to the team.


Wish him well but he’ll probably spend mist of his career on loan at pub teams.


Given how uncommon this sort of signing is im inclined to believe otherwise.

Though it could be an extreme version of the whole buy low sell high thing.


He was playing non league before. Now he has a contract at Arsenal he should be set for life. Unless he is utterly useless, he will most likely play in the top 3 divisions in the country during his career.


He will be useless unless he has a run in the team. Whoever succeeds Wenger would probably buy a proven LB.


The sad thing is Wonga could be around for another few years so the guy could get plenty of time to prove himself.


I think Wenger himself will buy a proven left back in the summer anyway (if he stays). Bramall isn’t coming to Arsenal to be immediate backup to anyone (barring an influx of injuries).

There are literally no downsides to this signing: It has cost us virtually nothing and nobody is expecting him to become a world beater, but if he does turn into a player who can become a regular squad member then what a bonus. If not, then it’s not the end of the world.