Cohen Bramall


He looks like a kid from high school.


Feel for the lad as it’s been looked down upon and made out to be a joke, the typical signing from Wenger though, cheap and young. Good luck to the lad though.


A complete left-back prospect.


Love that vid haha


Just been watching some videos of this lad. I know you don’t get the full picture from YouTube but it’s still pretty obvious from the vids that Bramall is too good for that level. But it’s a big jump to the Premier League.

One thing I did find amusing is that on his player profiles, under weaknesses it says “decisions”. We kinda realised that when he chose to join Arsenal :grin:


I hope that people dont get on this kids back, he is a prospect nothing more and if he works out great its a bargain if not oh well…kinda like that Bischoff bloke we bought for peanuts and he never played for us (or maybe he did but if he did it was like 1 match) i reckon there is an influence of that Leicester scout in this, so i wouldnt knock it because that coach is good at spotting talent in non league players and low league etc, look at Mahrez and Vardy etc.


It’s already starting. All sorts coming out of the woodwork telling tales. He once accused team mates of stealing his wallet apparently. Yawn.

You just know that journalists from the Mirror and Sun are ringing around his former clubs asking for dirt.


Bramall is not 16, or 18 even, though. He’s 20. When players aren’t close to first team at that age, chances are high they never will be.

Or at least make it clear we got him as stuffing for u23s. Like Barcelona did with Nolito back then. He was bought for their B-team. But we didn’t.


we didnt pay 50m we paid £40,000 for him or something that is like 2 days of Walcotts wage, i say if he makes it, it is a damn good investment…if he doesnt arsenal will not crumble over it as a risk it is extremely low. Imagine if he became half decent what will be the next thing said if we didnt take the risk.

‘aaahhhhh fucking wenger was scouting this guy and the stupid fuck couldnt even risk 40k on the guy and he could have been such a decent player for us but XYZ club has him and as per usual Wenger dallied didnt buy and they did and he is a top player fucking stupid Arsenal and Wenger he will never learn yadda yadda’


Have no issue with signings like these particularly as long as we’re making the bigger ones to upgrade positions that are upgradeable.

As it stands though we aren’t plus our two most important players still haven’t renewed.

Good luck to him though.


Great signing, that.



Do we have any up and coming left backs in the academy? @AbouCuellar are you still following the youfs?





If he ends up playing any more than League Cup minutes you’d consider this transfer a success.


this isnt water boy ,or is it? is he injured ? 25 k a week ? he will get a game soon !


Unless he’s shite.


We really are a charity club. I’m proud of us.


Not sure how relevant this is though tbh.

Maybe for your average academy kid like Wilshere or Iwobi who’s in the system at a decent club from under 14, getting the right coaching and the right experience and being moulded into a professional footballer then 18/19/20 is a significant age to assess them.

But when you’re working at a full time job and only training two evenings a week with a 7th tier club? I doubt the same boundaries apply. It might take him until he’s 23 to be at the level of what we’d expect of a 20/21 year old but all that doesn’t mean he couldn’t get there. All it’ll mean is his career as a professional will be a few years shorter than some others.