This. If Zebri knows what’s good for him, he’ll avoid Chelsea like the plague.

Think he’s building something special at Brighton, would love to see them in the UCL and become the new Leicester.

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If it comes to it, it will take a better man than even Arsene to say no to the money Boehly will throw at him.

In 8 years in Championship?

Man United are getting pelters and rightly so, but how have Chelsea quietly been evading criticism so far this season? They’re just as diabolical and have spent a fucktonne of money.

They should be winning the league at a canter going by @BigWeng_4LYFE 's money logic :white:


Depressingly stat, Chelsea are second bottom.

Felix is definitely wrong.
There’s nothing depressing about that stat.

Exactly, Chelsea supporters think the “Chelsea way” started when Abramovich bought them, rather than avoiding relegation almost every season, like they did before they became a money club.

Boehly clearly doesn’t understand the game because he started talking about changing the rules immediately after buying them and his hands on approach is clearly not working.

Abramovich bought them in the summer of 2003. In 02/03 they finished 4th pre-takeover and qualified for the CL, and in the seasons before that: 6th, 6th, 5th, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 11th, 11th, 14th, 11th, 14th, 11th, 5th.

Where are the relegation battles? Possibly in 93/94 and 91/92 when they finished 14th, without looking in to it further I don’t know if they were fighting relegation or comfortably mid table in those two seasons.

The history of league finishes doesn’t really suggest they were shit pre takeover, in the seven seasons before the takeover they were consistently top six, so one of the league’s better sides.

But they never came close to winning the title and for a few seasons they challenged for the top four, before it was a trophy, they also had another sugar daddy owner.

Before that, since they started out at the start of the previous century, they had one title win and hardly any domestic trophies but flirted with relegation fairly regularly.

Before the PL they were no bigger than mid table clubs like West Ham, Aston Villa, Everton, etc and it’s only since money laundering that they, like Man City, have gained their army of glory hunting supporters.


Man City don’t have an army of supporters, they barely have a bus load :rofl:

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You said before Abramovich took over they were avoiding relegation every season, just didn’t look that way to me looking at their league finishes.

For around a century, they seemed to be in the bottom half unless they were in one of the lower leagues trying to get promotion.

They might have had a few seasons challenging for a top four place under the previous sugar daddy owner but overall they were mid table fodder or just above the relegation places.

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Hehe, Leicester up till about the last time they finished 4th. Sacking the manager that created history for them, was the worst thing that club could’ve done.

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Got too big for their britches.

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They needed to give potter 4 years of finishing mid table first before they could rightfully challenge the league :joy::joy:

Those prices! :scream:

I mean there were definitely people paying that during the Arsenal Banter Era 2.0 lol


That’s the problem with Chelsea having so many glory hunting supporters.
No glory, no supporters. :grinning:


No supporters, no problem… let them fade back to mediocrity :smiley:


gotta recoup the bllions spent somehow, you wacth those prices double and maybe even triple in the next few years.

Fuck you Chelsea, clap clap clap clap clap

Fuck you Chelsea, clap clap clap clap clap