Chelsea Vs Arsenal (PL)

Wednesday 12th May
:clock8: 20:15
:tv: Sky

Fucking hell, didn’t realise we still had this to go. Can we just forfeit now?

Match Result
  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Chelsea win
  • Just keep the dicking to less than five

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Oh god

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Arsenal 2-1.

Chelsea are overdue something bad to happen and this will be it.

Auba and Saka to score.

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Tuchel to turn into Triple H and put Arteta into a ditch and bury him with the golden shovel.


Would love another 6-0 please

Some accountability for once. Give this cunt club what they deserve.

Expecting a draw here.

Piece of piss this one .
Chelsea will be resting players .
We are pushing for a top 10 finish .
A good solid defensive performance from us albeit a late in the season
5-1 to Chelsea



1 0 Chelsea. More on it for them than us and won’t have enough of the ball to hurt them.

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Chelsea away on my birthday. What a fucking present

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Tuchel would have been perfect for The Arsenal. Why did he chose a small club ?
Surely it must have been money .

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Get that sledgehammer right in.

Nah tbf that’s a bit much.

Figuratively speaking.

West Brom scored five against Chelsea and we scored three against West Brom so we should get at least eight against Chelsea.
So I’ll go a Chelsea win.

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Happy birthday anyway fella . It might not be a bad drubbing

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Depends on what Chelsea do. FA Cup Final coming up and Champions League one too. Tuchel doesn’t seem like a coach that takes any game for granted. I think if Chelsea show up, it be a 2-0 win for them.

Knowing our side with no pressure on them they could win it and everyone will all of sudden think we win the PL next year. I think we’ll lose this and win the last two games.

Chelsea can’t take it easy as top 4 isn’t secured yet.


Sadly for Chelsea the top 4 race will receive another twist when we win our first game at the bridge since November 2011.

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Is that atrocious to know we’ve not won there for a decade !
We are piss .

Was it when we beat them 5-3 (RVP hat trick)? Then they got rid of Villas Boss and went on to win the CL?

Sounds familiar…we’ll beat them 5-3 then

After an unconvincing win against the mighty West Brom, it seems Arteta has managed somehow to get a few supporters back onside, so presumably a win against Chelsea would mean people wanting him to get a new contract.

There’s absolutely no pressure on us in this game, and that’s when we really start performing at our best, so I expect at least a draw.