Chelsea vs Arsenal (Carabao Cup Semi Final 1st Leg)



Terrific and unexpected result.

Conte can’t figure us out.


Thats probably because not even our manager or fans can either.


Shitty game. We were crap upfront, but quite solid at the back. Good result overall. Chelsea’s lack of technical ability is amazing.


Good unexpected result but ffs what an awful game to watch :sleeping:

We really are shit


Basically a win


Good result for us. Defended well for a change. At least we have a minor chance now.

Gutted for Jack. Ive done that loads of times, it hurts like a cunt. Hopefully hasn’t woke his ankle gremlins.


So lucky to tie the game… we were so so lucky.

The team without Ozil and Sanchez ( a late sub today) would be like that… prepare the worst


Lucky? Chelsea didn’t create a single chance, tbh.


Conte only has 1 win in 7 games against us :wink:


How many chances they had missed?

How many chances we created??


On the bright side this could actually be our team next year and it is at least capable of not losing to Chelsea


21 shots 8 on target

Us 8 3 on target


Better than a minor chance now I’d say.


Very good result considering the absences, it gives us a real platform to try and go win this in the second leg at home.

I thought we defended well for the most part but set pieces were shocking and they could’ve scored from them on a few opportunities, but we had chances on the counter that we should’ve made more of.


Our defensive performance was literally the opposite to Sunday’s game. Which is really frustrating. We know we can be disciplined, yet in some games we decide to play like Keith FC (yes, that’s a real football club)


Tghis is standard Arsenal now, lacking in most departments

but mostly in quality


@JakeyBoy thanks for that hugely interesting over-analysis, hope you enjoyed the game :+1:


I think minor is fair. Chelsea should have won 5-1 on the last visit. They will counter the shit out of us and there’s no way we are sitting back at home. We aren’t scoring enough goals lately to boot.


Bright side?!