Chelsea vs Arsenal (Carabao Cup Semi Final 1st Leg)


Just feel like this tie will be done tonight.


Strange that no one noticed our new greek boy on the bench :hipster:


You noticed for us. No need for anyone else to call attention to it. :slight_smile:


I hope he has “Greek Boy” on the back of his shirt


0 confidence when seeing this lineup…

Iwobi and Welbeck behind Laca…what the fuck is that?
Bellerin and Niles as 2 wide player/WB…

Who the fuck is going to supply Laca???

We are now a run-and-gun team???


Ahahah! Yeah! Wenger doesn’t know his name :grimacing:


Super Jacky Wilshere is captain


Who would you play instead ronnie…


How long is Özil out for?


Until he’s sold later this month.


Nah…only Sanchez is leaving this month.


He’s not leaving this month. He’ll wait until summer.


Özil always has a winter break, no one should be surprised to see him out.


The fact that GB, or Greek Boy, is on the bench shows the level of importance this match holds for Wenger.

Perhaps he will do a VDV and score on his debut.


I will play Theo and Laca upfront, 2 forward, counter attack
We don’t have supply anyway (Jack is not Ozil)…

I will play 4 defenseman, not 3
Bellerin back to his natural RB position, Niles (no choice) as LB
Probably I would start Mustafu and Holding as starting CB, in case DM needs someone so I could play Chambers there.

4 midfielders are Welback, Jack, Elneny, and Sanchez

I will try not to lose and go back home to play 2nd leg.

Iwobi broke the team’s rule, should not be on the bench at all.


Greek boy is on the bench because we basically have no other senior players.

18 in that squad and 7 injuries (monreal?), it’s bare bones stuff. Coquelin just departed as well. That in itself is Not a reflection that Wenger isn’t taking this seriously. Such a nonsense argument that one.


If Arsene wasn’t taking it seriously, our team tonight would look very different.


MDC open for this shitshow.



Well it’s good you didn’t because that’s not how it is. Look at my match predictions and how often I’ve bet against Arsenal, I evidently have watched an absolutely huge amount of matches in which I have thought we’d probably lose.

We actually have a good record vs Conte, well certainly good for a record against big teams. I’m not even darkly pessimistic about the game, we could get a result. This doesn’t even register on the scale of impending doom I’ve felt before a great deal of games.

If you stop to think for a second what you’ve said makes no sense but you were blinded by what seemed like an opportunity to indulge in the feeling of superiority.