Chelsea vs Arsenal (Carabao Cup Semi Final 1st Leg)


Fucks sake. 2 days back at work and my brain has liquefied.


Worried about this but its a cup tie and its vital with a chance of glory. Please lads just stay in the fucking tie. COYG.
Can she wear a yellow ribbon for this one by the way.


Would be surprised if Wenger suddenly cared about this cup. We’ll likely have a much weaker team than Chelsea out there.


So he would be a moron for fielding a weakened team on sunday.


Konstantinos masterclass incoming


Image if he played and scored :mustafi:


We just need to hope Morata is on form. He was our best player last week.


I really don’t care about this one at all. Not even watching. I think I’ll watch something more uplifting and continue with season 4 of The Wire with my gf


Seems weird to say it about any semi-final, especially against Chelsea, but my interest for this is rather low too. Due to time and perhaps a change in interests gone are the days where I watch every single minute of an Arsenal game. Also fed up with the constant circus of football but guess that’s for another day/thread :rofl:


Pretty sure he was being sarcastic. If he wasn’t then :eyes:


Just figured that too :grin: I’ll stick to my point despite not being good at reading sarcasm online!


Just do your best, players.
No expectations except this… do your best.


@will24 @Robin_L

I was joking about how much I’m enjoying watching Arsenal lately when mentioning season 4 of The Wire being more uplifting, because it’s incredibly depressing.

But there was no sarcasm. I don’t really care about the match tonight and I’m not watching it.


I’m only watching it cause it’s on my tv lol

Pretty sure this will be the first league cup match of ours I’ve watched this season aswell. :joy:


Fair enough :+1: Didn’t have you down for the ‘we’ll probably lose so I’m not watching’ posse but each to their own. It’s only a cup semi final against Chelsea, no biggie :laughing:


Definitely gone


Does being on the bench cup tie him? Could still play in the final with City :joy:


He’s already Cup tied. He played against Doncaster.


Fucking Wenga who doesn’t want him to be cup-tied.


If he weren’t already cup tied then he probably would’ve been left out for that reason.

Instead he’s been left out to protect the value of our asset in the days before selling him. To Man City :smile: Wasn’t so long ago City were a nothing club, now their younger fans probably think of themselves as the bigger club :grimacing: