Chelsea v Arsenal (PL)


Yes I had noticed the upcoming schedule which gives further substance to my above statement haha.


lol we probably be happy with this point and think we have turned a corner only to lose against watford, it is the Arsenal way.


What will Arsenal do without Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil? Perhaps it won’t be so bad after all


Arsene a a happy man


Very good performance. Shame we couldn’t get the three points, but I thought we were going to be in for a bit of a thrashing here.

Definitely a blue print for future away performances. But let’s not be too hasty when praising this team, we did a similar job against City in 2015…


Oh btw, Luiz is a complete shit bag fuck that guy.


Good point. I think we match up with the Chavs better than we do against the other top teams. They’re going to miss having a big physical forward.


Anyone listened to any post match analysis? “Where did Chelsea go wrong?” “How did Chelsea not score?” No credit to us. Fuck the lot of them.


I’d take 0-0 any day! Good result and some promising attacking combos.


I’m getting used to it.

When Mane decided to go all Bruce Lee on the Man City 'keeper, there was genuinely no mention from Sky Sports as to the health of Ederson who was quite clearly hurt. It took the until the 68th minute for a jamie carragher voiceover update. All I heard was the “injustice” that beset Mane.


Who said this?

Sky gave us the full last 10 minutes of Super Sunday prasing us and gave Chelsea a few seconds of chat at the end.


Yes all the Sky coverage was biased towards Arsenal because the world and his wife all thought that we would lose by at least a couple of goals.


Did they? After our match they were talking about how Chelsea went wrong. And on the radio too. And the journalists on Twitter. It was as if a lion had managed a draw against a snail.


Very good result.

The players were strong mentally and tactically. Koscielny, Mustafi and Monreal have won every key duels, Kolasinac (not good on attack phase) and Bellerin have helped Xhaka when Ramsey (the best player on the pitch) attacked the spaces, Iwobi and Welbeck have been precious to recover the position in time to cover the space and to build an attack, opening spaces for a Lacazette still not ready to perform at top level because he suffered a raw marking made by Luiz.


Very good performance, disappointed we didn’t win it as we were the better side. For me this shows in the big games away from home, it’s better to have Ozil out of the side instead of it as we look a better side for it. Ramsey and our defence were all excellent, the only ones I thought were meh today were Lacazette and Iwobi for me. Chelsea won’t regain the title this year, they look a step or two behind the Manchester clubs.

If we beat the teams we need to beat, and get results like this away to top teams and win the odd big game at home I think Top 4 is looking possible, Spurs and Liverpool aren’t looking to great right now and Everton have been majorly disappointing. Don’t see anyone stopping the two Manchester clubs although Utd haven’t really faced a top side yet, Chelsea will go on a run so I think we be fighting it out for that 4th spot with Spurs and Liverpool. Don’t see us challenging cause it wouldn’t surprise me if we followed this up by losing to WBA next Monday lol. It just wouldn’t.


That is a colossal if mate. This is another dawn for Arsenal, another result that makes us believe that perhaps we have turned a corner, but history has shown us incapable of maintaining such a level of performance. So, while I am hopeful, I am going to be cautious with my optimism.

All our games between now and the end of October look winnable on paper. Lets see how we go.


I think Iwobi was a bit better than that personally. He might not have put in the most eye catching of performances but he was the only starting player from either side to complete more than 90% of his passes. I thought he did his job well in a big match away from home.


Similar to the Man City game a few seasons back? Play the perfect formula against them, think we’re turning a corner and then get rocked up by a mid-table team.

Great performance yesterday, lots of niggly tackles late on was brilliant and a point well deserved in arguably our toughest away game. We are Arsenal though, and I expect there to be a good many Arsenal-y moments ahead of us to wince at :iwobi:


I agree to some extent.

With Chelsea games at Stamford Bridge in the past, our downfall has been their abject ruthlessness in wanting to put us to the sword and our inability to cope with that. It’s that old adage- goals change games. Had Pedro scored when one on one with Cech, we’d have caved. (Although our chances of coming back into the game had we been 1-0 down were far better given the way Ramsey played)

I honestly think Wenger may have gotten under Conte’s skin a little. (Which is something we haven’t said about an opposing manager since about 2005)


Loved the tactical fouling we were doing at the end.

We’re learning boys! :per: