Chelsea v Arsenal (PL)


Great performance and result away at a top 6 team achieved without Alexis or Ozil.

That performance has to be the template going into the future


Yeh we played well. You could see that Wenger had told the team to not press so far up the pitch and leave gaps. Shame the latest arsenal fanatic messiah missed that tap in lol. How many more of those until Lacazette becomes the scape goat OA? Walcott woulda buried that btw smh.


Disappointed not to win but you can’t argue with a point at the Bridge and I was glad to see that we played with heart and discipline in this kind of away match, which doesn’t happen very often.


Incredible :joy:

Very good performance. Why can’t we do this all the time?!


“We’re capable of competing against the best” Do it more bloody often then Aaron!


Knew we’d get a result despite all the negativity here, encouraging performance but Laca… :neutral_face:


Feels like a win!!

Baby steps!!!


As you say a great result but we’ve been here before with City two and half years ago and learned fuck all.

I don’t think this will be carried forward and as always it’s a damn shame.


stfu i knew you would go on about lacas missed chance how many has walcott missed in 11 years some much easier than that, the ball came to him in a split second it was not an easy chance. Amazing how you cant even give him a season to settle in but you have plenty of time for walcock after being here for 11 years and still being mediocre at best…fuck off with your boring trolling already!


Yeah Wenger will think it’s the team that was good and not the tactics and will leave them by the way side till we get arsed raped by another top 6 team in a few months down the line.


All we ask from Arsenal is some application. They did it in the cup and they did it today. Most of the time we get hindered by stupidity more than actually being a poor side.


The loss to Liverpool was down to players more than tactics; I mean we have 3 comers they get 3 goals


Ver frustrating from a Chelsea perspective. We let Arsenal dominate us in central midfield for far too much of the match and it meant we didn’t get the penetration we needed.

The Luiz red was a red. He played really well up until that brain fart, but stupid tackle from him.

Congrats to Arsenal, they played well and the match was tough (as I said before the game I expected it to be).

Draw on balance was probably the right result but Arsenal should come out of it the happier


Nah, we had more opportunities to win it that you did. Better chances. We’re furious - we always need an excuse to moan :grin:


We’re furious - we always need an excuse to moan :grin:

Yeah that sounds like Arsenal :wink:


Lol yeah. Looking back we should have won. But at the start of the match we’d have bitten your hand off for the draw. So I guess we should be happy, but we’re not… :expressionless:


I’m happy enough, that was a result built on much better defensive positioning from RamXhaka, with the other two tucking in and offering more. First time in ages that a team has stopped Chelsea scoring, this was a really good showing. On another day we’d have snuck it 0-1.

We could easily go back to an Anfield performance next time out tho so I’m not reading too much into it, but it was enjoyable watching The Arsenal today


I went for a 1-1 draw but this result is even better.
A clean sheet at Chelsea isn’t something many teams are going to do this season.
A home game against West Brom next is a must win game.


Pleasantly surprised with this, I think we will go on a little run now until winter kicks in.


To be fair that’s not difficult when your next 5 games are Doncaster, West Brom, BATE, Brighton and Watford