Chelsea thread


We did also beat Leicester twice and we know where that got us.


When we played Chelsea, Conte was still figuring out his best team/formation. I wouldn’t be so confident if we played them now. Kinda glad we had them when we did tbh.


Not necessarily. 2014/15 Chelsea didn’t have a dry spell, not even once they were champions. It’s pretty much the same squad. They are the only current EPL squad that has won the title, that must be invaluable experience and advantage over all other competitors.


I agree.
He is new to the PL, and they look the most solid team in the league, without being spectacular.
They aren’t conceding many goals, they are scoring loads, and they don’t look like being beaten.
They also have an easy run of games coming up and have no CL football.

I can’t see any other team winning the PL.


Lol us beating them 3-0 is the sole reason they are on a madness right now. Since they changed to 3-4-3 they have only conceeded twice in three months and haven’t lost since we beat them.


Obviously. When you’re on an eight game win streak a draw or loss is coming sooner rather than later :wink:.


Chelsea have received a €71,000,000 offer for Oscar from a Chinese club (Shanghai). Crazy money for a benchwarmer, surely they will accept this.


If i were them, i would sell him immediately. So much money for an average player like him.


He’ll be gone if that is accurate, assuming Oscar doesn’t mind moving to China, regardless of wages.


Almost ffs.


no chance oscar moves to china, career suicide.


FFS why didn’t we stockpile on Brazilian moneymakers?

How much will they pay for Gabriel?


The thing is Oscar isn’t a great player and will not start at any top team, he’d more or less the same position he is now.

He may just take the money and run at this point although it would hurt his chances to play for the national team.

How the fuck do Chelsea command fees like this for the likes of Luiz and Oscar though? Boggles the mind.


It means they will have got more than 100m for Luiz and Oscar.

Looks like FFP is working :wink:

Russian owned Chelsea sell average player, Oscar, to a football team in China, for 50m.
Nothing dodgy there then.


Someone should wake up usmanov. That fucker needs to arrange something like that for Ramsey.


I’m skeptical of him agreeing to go there. He is still only 25. Juvenus has been rumored to be interested and, barring that, I’m sure he could still attract interest from sides like Inter, Napoli, or Milan. He would make a ton of money in China but his international career would be effectively over and he wouldn’t have much chance of coming back to Europe for a decent side. This seems a lot different than a guy like Hulk who had already basically sold himself to the highest bidder by going to Russia and then took the Chinese money at 30.


Why the fuck are they offering 70m when realistically no one else would pay more than 30 for him.


My guess would be, because they can. Big money signings to make some kind of statement to the world?

God knows really. Any ideas?


I swear to god Chelsea should be investigated because this shit doesnt add up Sideshow bob to PSG for a shit tonne of money comes back years later for a big sum to PSG and a huge sum for Oscar when he is not worth that much and would and could have been sold for less than half that…i swear money laundering is part of it and everything has shown that Chelsea are a dirty club, i wouldnt put it past them but of course the powers that be will turn a blind eye.