Chelsea thread


Think Abramovich can’t live in England anymore.


Lucky bastard.


FFS, I cant live in England any more. Let alone that Russian gangster


Was decent untill this season


What? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: England is not just fucking about The West Midlands, you tool.




in further blow to Maurizio Sarri

As if he gives a fuck about the score in a training ground match :joy:


Does he still drink espresso and smoke cigs in training?


Things could get interesting if this rumored transfer ban actually comes to fruition.

Their squad has a lot of players that need to get booted. But who will buy Giroud at a price that allows Chelsea to turn a profit? Who would buy Willian? Pedro?

If Hazard leaves this summer for a lot of money they can certainly spend it on one or two players.

Chelsea’s new business model involves buying a ton of young players and loaning them out. They have over 20 players out on loan this year. But what if their transfer ban coincides with new restrictions on the amount of players a team can loan out? Then I think they’re in a lot of trouble. Guys may accept a move to Chelsea with the understanding they’re likely to go play at Vitesse for a year but how many of those players would accept a move to Chelsea knowing they can’t be loaned out in order to get more playing time?

So then you’d have a situation where Chelsea can’t buy new players because of the transfer ban, can’t spend a ton of money after the ban because Roman is disinterested, can’t rely on their previous strategy of stockpiling and loaning players because of new loan restrictions and have a squad that doesn’t have a lot of value in the market…it’s unlikely all of these things would happen at once but a guy can certainly dream.


Mental that the players are constantly allowed to get away with this shit manager after manager, just goes to show it IS the players and not the manager. Wouldn’t surprise me if that ego little cunt Hazard was at the forefront of it all, the guy’s a fucking snake.

Meanwhile they’ll let go of another coach that was rated, fork out more compo and waste more time searching for the next thing.


Haven’t Barcelona been trying to buy him for ridiculous sums of money for like 1-2 years now?


Why does Sarri escape criticism btw?

Jorginho getting bum rushed game after game

Kante box to box…

Hell he played Hazard up top against us thinking it was gonna work.

Stubborn old tit ain’t helping himself either


True tbh.

Hudson Odoi riding the bench as Chelsea fans cuss out Pedro and William ever game. Barkley getting games with Xhaka esque moves as Loftus Cheek rides the bench.

Fair play to Emery, at least he’s given most of our boys chances.


Would they be able to cram him into the squad after buying Kevin Prince Boateng?

Still can’t believe KPB is a Barcelona player. Almost as strange as Alex Song being a Barcelona player.


IDK that Sarri is escaping criticism at all. He may or may not have been made promises with respect to recruitment that didn’t come through but he was allowed to buy two of his old players and build the team around one of them.

He hasn’t helped himself at all though. Like you alluded to, he’s played Kante out of position, played Hazard alone up top, leaned way too heavily on Jorginho and called the players out in public way too early in his tenure. He’s definitely not getting an easy ride on the Chelsea subreddit or Twitter.

But I do think there’s an element of the inmates running the asylum at play. Chelsea is known for being a toxic dressing room, known for uncontrolled player power and known for basically quitting on managers they don’t like. Sometimes they stumble into success like the UCL and EL runs and sometimes they implode.


He doesn’t?


They are gonna run out of managers who want to go there soon lol.


There is a good reason Ch€£$€a won’t run out of managers. :wink:


Zidane is favourite to take over from Sarri. Apparently, they think if they hire Zidane then Hazard will stick around.

Can’t see it though, Zidane won’t want to ruin his reputation by taking a job he’ll get sacked from in 2 years.


It’s possible but like you say I’m not sure if Zidane will want to ruin his reputation after three CL trophies with arguably the biggest club in Europe.

Any top manager must look at Chelsea and wonder what’s going on.
It can only be the massive wages and transfer budget that would attract a good manager there, unless it’s the lure of their wonderful, classy supporters that is the main attraction.

Wenger is supposedly looking for a job, perhaps he could team up with Giroud, and several players he has been linked with that he “nearly” got, like Kante, Cahill and Hazard, and turn them round.