Chelsea thread


I thought Sarri told the owners straight up what he was all about in the interview when he got appointed, madness to sack him.


He’s has to shoulder some blame too, way too stubborn and inflexible. Hudson-Odoi has been criminally underutilised.

His team is so predictable, also he doesn’t help himself with the stuff he says to the media particularly about the players. He should’ve learnt from the long list of Chelsea managers that have gone after the players, it never ends well.


If we’re talking about the recent comments after we did them, I wonder if he already knew the writing was basically on the wall and thought fuck it.

But if hes been doing it regularly and I missed it then disregard my post entirely!


That part I never got, he claims the team is hard to motivate but doesn’t start anyone else that might be more hungry and more willing to do so as he pleases, as a consequence one of their starlets in Hudson-Odoi wants to piss off out of the club.

I know the rotations might get some people around the bend but at least Emery has given everyone a fair shake.


This is exactly what pissed me off with everyone being after Emery. We have been playing with no discipline whatsoever for well over a decade and with a poor squad but people are murmuring saying Emery will take us nowhere we are still leaking goals we have no identity. Yeah we have shit defenders and not the squad that Emery needs to play the way he wants us to play and has a dearth of injuries too.


What happens when Chelsea actually run out of managers?
Do they go back and start again?

If Abramovich is looking for a new club, that is in a nice part of London, he could let us have a taste of what it’s like to have world class players coming into the club every transfer window, rather than the bargain basement loans deals we’ve had to haggle for.

I’m sure our supporters will show a lot more gratitude towards him than their knuckle scrapers do.
Perhaps we could do a swap deal with Kroenke going the other way :grinning:


They’ve already done that.


Consistently have one of the best squads in the world yet somehow they manage to have some of the worst batches, under some of the most brilliant coaches in the world. Roman gave the players too much power.


You can almost understand it if the players are Terry, Lampard, Drogba (for example) but this lot need putting in their fucking places.


Keep winning things though whatever happens. Never quite the disaster scenario club we want them to be.


This Chelsea squad is nothing special its Hazard carrying them like RvP did for us in 11/12


I think it must be a whole personnel issue. Not just the players. Roman just finds what’s easiest to get rid of and just does it. Easier to get rid of one manager instead of changing your whole personnel so that the manager is happy.
Really surprised how he hasn’t had enough with their shit yet.


What players do they even have worthy of yielding power?

I can understand Drogba, Terry, Lampard owning that dressing room, but David Luiz? Willian?

Hazard should be off this summer and they could easily clear out a bunch of other players.

You can say this is half a title winning side but without Hazard they’re already basically down Costa, Courtois, Cahill, Matic who were big players that season, as well as Terry, Fabregas, Ivanovic etc that also did their bit.


They still have some really good players. Kante(you probably forgot) and Hazard on another level though. Still, they should be performing way better that they do.


I don’t even mind you repeating what I’ve just said, but can you at least have the courtesy to not put more thought into it and say it better than I did? Fucking showing me up man.


Not for me. Only two I’d have at Arsenal would be Kantè and Hazard.


Azpilicueta all day, are you mad?


Keepers decent too.


Bernd Leno aint bad, though.

Tbh I expected him to be shitter, given all the bad press he was getting during the time of his signing for us.

Id also take Higuain ahead of Aubamayang.


Only if Mustafi goes the other way as part of the deal.