Chelsea thread


Yeah comeback when youve got an eight.


Feels like -6






Easy money?




Losing 4-0 to Bournemouth is still a far more shameful result than losing 6-0 to City. It feels a bit like they’ve got away with that one.


Bournemouth fans probably saying the same about them losing 2 nil to us.


Kante is the GK FFSSSSS :arteta:


I wish nothing but absolute misery and that club and their awful racist fans.

This is exactly why I was afraid of Christian Pulisic signing a deal with them. Chelsea have almost as little direction as a club as Arsenal do! They’ve been very lucky that they were able to paper over the cracks by spending a load of money but hopefully it’s all coming home to roost.


Jorginho is basically a fancy Xhaka ain’t he?


Denilson if he was moderately decent.


Best part of that cartoon is fat boy eating out of the jar of nutella :joy::joy:


Fatty gonna fatty.



I’m in couldn’t-give-a-shit mode this morning, and it’s in high gear for Sarri, Chelsea, etc. Fuck 'em.


Apparently, Sarri has 1 month to save his job. Looking at their fixtures, can see getting sacked in march.


Beleaguered Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has lost the club’s dressing room, according to AS.

The newspaper writes Sarri has not been able to count on the support of Chelsea’s ‘big names’ for ‘months’ and that his relationship with some is ‘irreconcilable’.

“The players don’t understand the Italian’s methods, they’re not comfortable and that has been channelled on to the field,” it goes on to explain.

Worse yet for the former Napoli Coach, the situation has ‘already led some to look for moves away if he stays on next season’, while it explains the increasing uncertainty surrounding Eden Hazard’s future.

It comes after the 60-year-old oversaw the Blues’ worst-ever Premier League defeat on Sunday – a 6-0 reverse to Manchester City.

Absolute joke that player power prevails again. Sarri is an excellent coach but he was given a squad of players who’d been playing defensive football for the best part of half a decade and was expected to change the entire playing style at the club in what? 6 months?


No manager has a chance at Chelsea. The players rule the roost laughably


Highest concentration of snakes in one place since that Sam Jackson film.

It’s actually ludicrous how often they’re allowed to get away with this. Squad needs gutting