Chelsea thread


In most situations it wouldn’t be helpful sacking a manager before a cup final but in this case I reckon they should


Sarri is gash. You have the best midfield engine in the league and you play him out wide so your opponents can run roughshod over your midfield. Genius.
Kante should hand in a transfer request. He’s being insulted.


Chelsea can keep sacking managers but they’ll never find a medium/long term solution. Their business model is broken and once Hazard goes they’ll be at our level.


Kepa looks extremely overpriced, Courtois really fucked Chelsea over huh.


Will be interesting to see what happens with Sarri now


problem is he is too meek to do that he is the sort that he doesnt deem other people as lower than him just seems like a happy go lucky person.


Hahaha as if Kante would ask to leave. The little dude was even too shy to ask to hold the World Cup trophy he’d just helped his country to win!


I love how Arsenal is going up without even playing.


Weird how the Chelsea trio(Kova/Barkley-Jorginho-Kante) behaves like ours(Guendouzi-Xhaka-Torreira). As much as in theory it makes sense, putting the more athletic ones to the sides as B2B, and the not so mobile one but that can recycle the ball as DM…well doesn’t really do it. Again, maybe you can get away with it elsewhere but in PL? You’ll be eaten alive.


its a shame he seems such a thoroughly decent guy why in the fuck he went to that shithole i never know, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllly bad decision. I mean those fuckers are racist scum i would feel so bad i hope he continues to play well for them i would hate a guy like him to be abused by fans like that it could be really devastating to him.


Well, he won’t have to do the talk. His agent did get him the Chelsea transfer and also pulled a good payday for him and his client from what has been reported. PSG definitely is a place he would be welcome and where I see him going this summer.



Nah, not having that. They need several more batterings before they get to our level :unamused:


Shhh just enjoy it


He was loved at Leicester, too. Part of me is surprised he didnt stay at Leicester. Mahrez and Vardy did, after all…


He had reached the peak at Leicester, it was downhill from there.


It’s their time to fall back in.

They had a great 15 or so years, won everything. But that time is over. Unless they actually play their fantastic youth players lol.



I think hes the only player whos gone on from that title winning side at Leicester and been successful.

Drinkwater and Mahrez are warming the benches at their respective clubs.

Overall, right decision for him to leave for Chelsea.


Pah! Ours was 2014. What took them so long?