Chelsea thread


Remind us how you where spoilt by our strikers against that same rubbish mate.:grinning:


Is the revolving door policy at Chelsea finally catching up with them? It wasn’t that long ago some fans would tell us, that despite constantly changing managers, Chelsea still managed to obtain success. But when you’ve been through so many managers, at some stage it would have to come unstuck.

Hazard is surely going to leave after this season. They really should be in better shape than us, and yet they’re not. Do the players have too much power in the direction of the club? Is Sarri simply that unsuited to Chelsea? Why did they go through all that bother to even get him? Conte wasn’t this bad. Has the quality simply declined since the likes of Lampard and Terry departed in the last few years? Something’s definately amiss with them right now.


Why did Sarri move Kante to accomodate fucking Jorginho?

Kante is confortably the best player in his position


Shed end and chill tonight then :popcorn:


ADL must be licking his lips. Jorginho has been the flop of the season so far.


Coming Soon

Mourinho III: The Return of the prick.


That saga will come after another disastrous spell in Madrid!


This along with a few other things will probably be Sarri’s downfall.

Jorginho is very good at what he does but he needs the protection beside him and Sarri thought, “you know what I’m going to take one of the best DM’s in the world football and make him a b2b player.”

Jorginho gets targeted on the regular and will continue to be pressed to death especially by the best teams.


I think the changing managers thing overlooks that Chelsea’s strength has been diminished over the years, which is their ability to blow other teams out of the water in the transfer market. Don’t think its a coincidence either that previous managers have seemingly fallen out with Chelsea’s transfer policy, the circumstances have definitely changed with the enormous TV deal and the rules around FFP, other clubs are just as competitive as them now.

Also I think they are struggling with the thing all clubs have, that is replacing the spine that served them so long (Terry-Lampard-Drogba served them for years, Hazard been there awhile too and when he goes that’s another lengthy servant out of the club), but now that there are many other desirable clubs for the best players to go too, its real difficult to entice them to your club.


Seeing as we all love a good stat, here’s some unwanted beauties Chelsea have achieved from today’s game :grin:


SARRI IN! :arteta:


We had a manager who conceded an 8 a few 6s and 5s and went 9 years without a trophy. What sort of snowflake club are they.


They need someone who can sort out their defence.

I’ve heard that Mourinho is looking for a job.


I think Kanté has been very good. He’s a runner, and not a #6 like Casemiro.

Kova instead of Jorginho would be interesting though.


who are they gonna get tho as the next manager, they have literally run out of top level managers that would wanna go there. They will lose Hazard sure they will get pulisic but i dont feel he will have the same impact…i think Chelsea are dying slowly now as a force who knows they might end up being a europa regular because they have aging players they are unstable as a team and with managers and they have an owner not even allowed in the country.

I would looooooooove a poetic justice ending for these fucktards that things go so bad and they get asset stripped but not likely to happen.


Hahahaha fuck Chelsea


So is Wenger. Oh defence you said, forget that.


Roman you trigger happy cunt don’t sack him


Sarri in please!


gwan wenger put the final nail in the coffin, be the person to destroy from within :giroud2: