Chelsea thread


A draw isn’t out of question, considering how Chelsea struggle to score.


Forcing them to eat cigarettes straight from the ashtray?


You cocky danish bellend :arteta:


From The Shed End:
“Sarri doesn’t know the meaning of direct football. If it takes less than a hundred passes, in his world it’s not an attack. I bet if Chelsea player finds himself in front of an open goal, he’ll just turn around and start looking who to pass the ball to.”

Remind you of anyone? :wenger:


Reminds me a bit of @Aussiegooner :stuck_out_tongue:


Maurizio Wenger.


All of them want Lampard in :arteta:


How come Poch doesnt get linked here. Be a good fit his style of football imo.


That’s a good point.
Imagine him leaving spurs to go there.
Although any top manager in Europe must look at the perpetual revolving door that the Chelsea managers keep leaving out of, and wonder what’s going on.


Thats pretty much Real Madrid as well though.


I still think Man U are interested in him.
Unless Solskjaer gets a top three place of course.


Dear Chelsea squad,

It’s been a while. You might be some greedy, money-whore cunts. You might be living the London life at its fullest. You might love getting those haircuts from A-Star barbers. But please, for old times sake, show your true colours. Why wait till next season to turn on coach #871? You might as well turn on him now. You are after all, a bunch of money-whore cunts.

With Disgust,


The first team player that has been constant through seeing Mourinho, Conte and Sarri lose the dressing room is Hazard, as well as most of their defenders.

He is their best player and without him they wouldn’t be a top four club.

I Just hope he keeps up his good work of disrupting their chances of CL football this season and then goes to Real Madrid.

Without him, they are no better than us.
They might have a better defence but their attack without Hazard is mid table level.

If they do get rid of Sarri after this season it means that, since Wenger came here, we have had one managerial change and they will have had eighteen.

I remember seeing a statistic, after they’d sacked Di Matteo, that said Chelsea had spent more money on paying off sacked managers than we had spent on players in the same period.

When Abramovich gets fed up with this nonsense perhaps we can see them back down to mid table level where they belong and their glory hunting supporters drift to Man City or whatever other club buys all their trophies.


Sarri said he is not sure he can motivate the players.

He is basically admitting he has lost the dressing room :wenger:


If Mourinho, Conte and Sarri can’t keep control of a team, who can?


No one. Chelsea players are the worst in the league.


It looks like Higuain scored 2 goals for their victory with Huddersfield.


He’ll get them I believe that even with the dad bod he’ll do ok I think.


Yes, I do think as well.

Just a matter of time.


Against the mighty Huddersfield :roll_eyes: