Chelsea thread


They really need to establish better rules against the massive stockpiling of players - it absolutely distorts the market, isn’t in the best interest of the players’ development (basically they just chuck money at 20, loan em and hope one or two pop)… frankly if they don’t have guts to deal with financial doping, at least the leagues and UEFA, etc should massively limit these types of practices.


called it


I think Hazard has known for a while where his next club is likely to be.
He and Sarri don’t seem to have much respect for each other so it’s obvious he won’t be there after this season.

That’s a big problem for Chelsea because he is easily their best player and I can’t think of many players better than him that can walk into the PL and replace him straight away.


They won’t be able to replace him at all. Unless Ambramovich spends big they’re going to be competing for 4th and nothing else


Chelsea players turned on Jose, Conte and now Sarri.

Boy that’s one poisonous group of players.


He doesn’t help himself with the shit he’s saying in the media tbh.

In any case this is me right now…


Need to wipe the squad but hopefully they don’t :joy:


Definitely true but i think if i had to work with them cunts I’d do the same.


I guess his little rant after we beat them did wonders.


I’m quite surprised it’s been as long as this, I could’ve sworn they’ve had one more recent than that. Can’t complain though :kosc:


Rotten club. The players have too much power and the board don’t seem to care. Long may it continue.


Chelsea squad just seems so privileged, if they’re in a title race they’re up for it, in a season of adversity and grind they down tools and don’t look like they’re really all that interested.


Knew that quite a few teams were playing tonight but haven’t kept up with results, just occurred to me that my WhatsApp group of close mates who are mostly Chelsea fans was suspiciously quiet…


Yeah their all this and more. Thing is though they have won a league and been in 3 finals in 2 and a half seasons.




haha this is chavskis season over then. Those idiots will not stand for any manager verbally kicking the shit out of them. Sarri to be gone by next season!


Got Huddersfield saturday. Oh well enjoy tonight then.


Great result for Bournemouth. Hopefully give our lads an incentive.


Two teams won the PL with Kante as a DM, arguably the best player in that position, Sarri comes in and replaces him with his pet, side passing robot Jorginho.


Huddersfield to win. :kosc: