Chelsea thread


I would laugh so much if somehow Fulham did beat them.


Ouch, Brutal analysis


me thinks there has to come a time that the powers at chavski start clearing out players instead of constantly ridding themselves of managers.


Sarri fucked up and seemingly won’t accept responsibility. His own team selection and stubbornness is what’s mainly costing Chelsea at the moment and it clearly showed today.

He can’t blame his players today when they surpassed our press, handled possession well enough and got into dangerous areas time and again only to have no focal point in attack.

His insistence of having Jorginho in the centre every game over Kante, as well as no CF, is hampering his team in games where Jorginho doesn’t get time and space to dictate play.


Remember hating playing Chelsea because Costa had us for breakfast, Drogba before him.

Easiest win against Chelsea we had since they bought their success


Do Chelsea players want to get rid of another manager? :rofl: Bunch of cunts.



Wow chavski supporters are a special type of scum.


What a cunt.


I don’t even recall who Chelsea’s striker was in first half or was Hazard playing there?


Hazard as false nine.


Sure if their that hard to motivate then drop them an replace them with the dozen of talented players they have stocked in reserves


Apart from their Mourinho eras who always battered us we must have a similar head to head record v them, in the last few years even better, we’re a bogey team for them :sunglasses:


As the Hater in Chief and CEO of Eden Hazard is Overrated LLC yesterday was particularly enjoyable. He was completely ineffective yesterday and provided yet another example of how he quits when the going gets tough.

Really funny to me that Chelsea are going to sign Higuain. They are made for each other! A club that takes the easy way out by paying off managers and spending over 200m on players that are on loan or benched will sign a player who took the easy way out of Serie A by signing with Juventus only to get booted when Juventus signed Ronaldo.


To be fair to Hazard here, he is being played out of position. Chelsea have one of the best players in the Premier League and they are wasting him.


This seems off to me. He spent 3 years at Napoli showing his worth and earned that move to Juventus. Who else was looking to sign him then anyway?


I’m just salty. I love Napoli and he was supposed to be the one to help us overcome Juventus.

To paraphrase Obi Wan in the ONLY good scene from Star Wars Episode III, Pipita was supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them!


Wishing for anyone to die is dumb BUT gotta admit, I understand how frustrated those fans are.
I fucking hate Chelsea, I really fucking do. The definition of spoilt brats ffs. There is so, so much quality in their team, they always acquire the best of the best coaches but Roman has made all those cunts of players ungrateful. Fat contracts, good life, good facilities, recycling managers like it’s nothing. Will never forgive these cunts for winning the league, taking the next year off and turn on the manager, then winning the league again just to turn on the manager AGAIN the season ahead.
Utterly disgusting.



Be interesting to see how he adapts. Chelsea might actually score some goals now which isn’t good news for our (slim) top 4 hopes.


Every reply to that Chelsea announcement tweet is a picture of a Nutella bar :joy::joy::joy::joy: