Chelsea thread


Time for some Christmas cheer. Something i’m sure we can all appreciate. The hotness of Loftus-Cheek :drooling_face:

On a serious note, from what i’ve read and seen, he had a really good game last night. I still think he’ll need to move on from Chelsea though… preferably to my bedroom :smile:


In the words of our banned Italian friend

Horny :xhaka:


Stop objectifying men and focus on their achievement on the field.


I did! I said he played well last night :xhaka:


You only notice his achievement because he is pretty.


He should move on to their West London rivals, QPR.
It would be a cheeky transfer if it happened.
In fact it would be a Loftus Road Cheeky transfer :grinning:


Get out.


That’s why I keep coming back to OA. You think the mouthbreathers at Le Grove or the preteens on r/Gunners get this kind of pun work? Not likely. Well done.




They need a CF and they buy a winger? Clueless club.


Colour me surprised :thinking:


Surprise surprise! :bellend:


oh how bad would i laugh if this was true (not about the rascism stuff the closure of the stadium)