Chelsea thread


Time for some Christmas cheer. Something i’m sure we can all appreciate. The hotness of Loftus-Cheek :drooling_face:

On a serious note, from what i’ve read and seen, he had a really good game last night. I still think he’ll need to move on from Chelsea though… preferably to my bedroom :smile:


In the words of our banned Italian friend

Horny :xhaka:


Stop objectifying men and focus on their achievement on the field.


I did! I said he played well last night :xhaka:


You only notice his achievement because he is pretty.


He should move on to their West London rivals, QPR.
It would be a cheeky transfer if it happened.
In fact it would be a Loftus Road Cheeky transfer :grinning:


Get out.


That’s why I keep coming back to OA. You think the mouthbreathers at Le Grove or the preteens on r/Gunners get this kind of pun work? Not likely. Well done.




They need a CF and they buy a winger? Clueless club.


Colour me surprised :thinking:


Surprise surprise! :bellend:


oh how bad would i laugh if this was true (not about the rascism stuff the closure of the stadium)


Sarri’s just rinsed his players in the post match press conference.

It’s happening again isn’t it, what is it about that club :woman_facepalming:t2:

Cue some tools to be collectively downed again sometime between now and the summer.


Yep he’s saying they’re an extremely hard group of players to motivate and he’s singing the same song Conte did and Jose before him.


Please :pray: Would fancy us for top 4 if the Chelsea players switch off


You think Spuddies will screw up now with their strikers injured?


I think Spurs have too much of a gap tbh. Third is theres sadly but you never know


Too much of a gap? They’re only one point ahead of Chelsea and four above us. Granted, they have a game in hand, but still.


Yeah but its Fulham. It’s basically a win for them haha