Chelsea thread


4? One more than one and I summon Nietsche.


Tbf I’ve had a lot of tabs open aswell but sometimes they build up and you forget to close them haha


My missus had 63 tabs open on her phone browser the other day. Thought seriously about divorce for a few minutes.





How have Chelsea manages to escape paying him so far?


When you’ve got a conniving cunt like Abramovich at the helm, it ain’t difficult.


From a news story I read:

Chelsea are refusing to pay because of his behaviour while at the club, including treatment of Diego Costa, failure to turn up to sponsorship events, late arrival to press conferences and parking in the wrong space at their Cobham training ground.


I mean that’s some pretty shit reasoning to not pay him and I imagine it won’t hold up well in court. They could site significantly worse behaviour from Jose and he still got a payout.


I don’t know man. Even judges are humans, this won’t go well for Conte


It won’t, seems they are just be being difficult and spiteful.

Neither party has covered themselves in glory tbh, Conte has gone down in my estimation from a professional standpoint.


Glad someone noticed.
Been an annoying personality since end of last to last season.



Had a mini heart attack then. I was worried footy leaks were gonna dish some naughty dirt on Kante. But nope, he still remains the most humble and cutest guy in football.


You didn’t skip a beat for the integrity and reputation of the nice people at Chelsea I take it then?



Wait a moment! Did he ask to create it or some others did it for him?


Kante should take all the money he is entitled to, then give it away to charity if he really doesn’t want it. All that money will do is just sit with the club and other agencies now. Silly tbh.


Going to Abramovich who needs them? :mustafi:


What does that say about rest of the squad?