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Be racist and get a free trip to Poland. Nice one.

Although the idea of trying to educate people is a good one in principle and Auschwitz is far from being fun, quite a sobering experience infact – it’s still an interesting trip – one which many people would love to go on and one in which people splash out a small fortune on.


Why? I think its a good idea to make some sort of attempt to remedy the issue rather than just banning them and then continuing to act like this isn’t a very real problem amongst their supporters.

Maybe the Labour Party could learn something from this :stuck_out_tongue:


What is moronic here? Actively educating racists seems like a far better policy than ostracising them and exacerbating their prejudices.


Perhaps I’m being cynical but offering racist fans the opportunity to no longer receive a ban if they complete this course in the hope of stopping their racism is incredibly optimistic to say the least.

It’s simply naive IMO especially as the only reason they would even countenance it is to save their ability to watch games.


People they have seats to sell. if they started banning racist people…


They’ll have to raise ticket prices?


Damn. We need racist fans in Arsenal too


Racism is not an illness that can be treated with an educational course.
Unless it is some sort of indirect racism; In today’s era, everyone is well aware of what they are doing if they are part of some outwardly discriminatory activity.
They are also aware that if they are being racist, there is a consequence to it.
So even if their human part doesn’t stop them, at least the rational part, which should reason them out of punishment, should stop them.

It didn’t and they should be punished.


Racism absolutely can be worked over by educating people. When you create an environment of inclusion and educate people you’ll find people’s mindset will change. I think it’s an excellent way to tackle anti-semitism and seems a worthwhile way to spend money if you ask me.


Plastic and nazis. They are the worst.


Chelsea making more of an effort to educate racists than Ruth Davidson what a time to be alive :arteta:


I feel like this headline could very easily be read the wrong way :grimacing:


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I think it’s a good idea, or at least a good idea to try and fix the problem and not just banish people to keep up the pretence that everything is fine.

I think a lot of older blokes really don’t understand how offensive some of the shit they think and say actually is.

If you just ban them they’re not going to hold their hands up and say fair play, I’m a terrible person - they’ll probably just think they were banned for nothing and be more pissed off at political correctness gone mad.

At the risk of steering this off topic - I think society as a whole needs to snap out of this delusion that racism isn’t a problem and comes from a very tiny minority. Maybe outward, abusive racism is a small minority but if people harbour racist views and believe racist stereotypes then that’s unlikely to ever change unless someone enlightens them and I think a lot of people still hold these views.

Saying all that though, I’m not really sure how you de-racist someone.


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