Chelsea thread


Absolute cunt of an individual. Hope he fcks off to obscurity.


I wonder what Henry has to gain with this job tbh. The only way that the job wlil not bw a failure is promotion. That is harder than it seems.


I think it’s pretty refreshing how Eden Hazard has come out and said he’s torn about either signing a new contract or joining Real Madrid.

While circumstances may have been different for our players, I may have ended up with more respect for the likes of RvC, C’ntley C’nt, Adebayor, Sanchez, Song and Nasri had they pre-emptively said something of the like.


Song? Really? May aswell fling Clichy in there aswell if you’re putting bloody Song with van Persie and Alexis hah


Most young footballers growing up in Europe would consider Real Madrid as the pinnacle of their career.

I can’t imagine any player would think that Chelsea is an iconic club, so Hazard hasn’t really said anything that we knew he was thinking anyway.

Without him, Chelsea wouldn’t be where they are, so as soon as he leaves we can see them back challenging for a top four place rather than the PL title,

It will be interesting to see how much of the 100m or so they get for him, Abramovich gives the manager to spend on a replacement, and what genuine world class players they can attract.


It’s completely different though. Like, with the case of RVP and Sanchez – they went to Man United, that’s a different kettle of fish to Real Madrid. If Hazard came out and said, “I’d love to play for Man United. I can’t decide whether to go there or sign a new contract at Chelsea,” then he wouldn’t be getting the same respect he is getting now.

All players must dream of playing for Real Madrid. It’s iconic. It’s kinda like a free pass for a player to say they want to play for them. It’s more worrying if the answer from a player was, “Real Madrid or Barcelona? Nah you’re alright.”


United are in a major slump, but I would consider United, Bayern, Real and Barcelona as the highest you can achieve as a professional footballer. Obviously we have history with them, but I wouldn’t fault any player for wanting too play for one of those four clubs.


Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really get the huge pull they seem to have, apart from the huge success they’ve had on the field the past 10 years.

If they were both shit, surely not as many would want to play their trade there.

Personally, as a footballer, playing for Arsenal would be my goal, and if abroad, something like AC Milan but I guess that’s emotional stuff.

Surely footballers would just want to go where the success is, rather than just play for Madrid/Barcelona regardless of that.


Nah with South Americans in particular they worship at the altar that is playing for Barca or Real.

Even for those that aren’t the pull is phenomally strong to play there if you get the opportunity.


Yeah I get the latins desire, but not the others tbh.

Like in 2004 for example, I don’t see how playing in Madrid or Barcelona was that much more exciting than playing in Milan, Turin or Manchester


I suppose it goes hand in hand with success and prestige really.

If they weren’t so successful with the consistent expectation to win everything then the pull wouldn’t be there.


Ever since i followed football, world’s best almost always seem to be playing for Real & Barca or ends up playing for them.
There is a certain certifications you get by being employed by those clubs ascertaining that you are best of the best.



Fuck them.

Looking forward to their decline once the GOAT leaves.

Although I think Real Madrid will be ok to an extent.


Chelsea are a plastic club not even that rich right now. Who would go there?


Yeah it’s basically what others have said. Even though they don’t always perform as if they’re a level above everyone else, they’re often seen as on a different level. It’s like the pinnacle. “I played for Real Madrid” sounds impressive to even those who don’t follow football.

If one of your players says, “I’d like to play for Real Madrid,” it’s just kind of like “fair dos”.


I guess it’s kind of like how all the drivers want to drive for Ferrari in F1. Even when they’re shit.


Maybe Chelsea are offering higher wages than Real Madrid. Because Chelsea can’t afford to lose him, while Real might not want to ramp up another 300-400k player right now.



This is so moronic from the Chavs.


All Chelsea have done is highlight, even more, the fact they have so many racist supporters.

Ironically, the only reason for Chelsea’s success, is down to a Russian Jew.
Let’s hope Abramovich sees how ignorant and ungrateful they are, and sells up.