Chelsea thread


I think with top players costing more than 100m, it’s going to be difficult to do what Abramovich did when he bought Chelsea.

Also, with them not even being the most well supported club in London, i don’t think that someone as wealthy as that would find them more attractive than any of Europe’s genuine elite clubs.

I would go as far as to say that Newcastle, spurs, West Ham, Everton etc, are just as well supported as Chelsea and potentially just as big with the same sort of investment.

What ever happens, if Abramovich does sell them, I can’t wait to hear all the excuses the supporters that believe that their success had little to do with Abramovich, are going to come out with.


Abromavich took them to the very top but they where moving in the right direction ever since Matthew Harding invested in them.
Probably the first team to embrace the Premiership. No way near the club they were in the late 70s early 80s.
There was a fair bit of middle ground between Bates and Abromovich.


The amount of positive press this guy gets is gross. I mean he literally killed someone. Yes we all joke about how much we hate players on other teams like Diego Costa or Lingard or whoever. But something about this idiot getting paid millions of dollars to play sports and getting lauded by Chelsea fans for his goal scoring exploits after he killed someone because he was driving drunk is just gross. Fuck Marcos Alonso.


Not sure that that story is particularly positive to be honest. Just highlights that Chelsea aren’t in the CL. And the headline “Chelsea’s Marcos Alonso ‘felt like smashing TV’” highlights that as well as cars, he also has violent feelings towards his TV.


Wow! Never knew this shit about him.


Alonso follows in a long line of lovable characters like Terry, Costa, Abramovich and Mourinho.

Chelsea and their supporters just ooze class :grinning:




Tbf I don’t blame him for changing his mind. Why would you ever want to play in Russia


does he not own Email ID from which he could have sent a professional mail to Spartak, rather than embarrassing them on social media?


How many games has Eden won them just this season? How many has he won them overall? I think it’s safe to say that if Hazard wasn’t there their run post-Drogba/Lampard era wouldn’t be that nice. Imagine we signed the fucker instead of them… :frowning:


John Terry retires from Football.

A sigh of relief from other Footballers who no longer have to worry about Terry sleeping after other players WAGS :poldi:

Quality defender for Chelsea though. He’ll surely have a statue at some point I’d have thought.


He’s a twat. Good riddance to him. Only reason he’s retired is because another club won’t take him on. Another egostistical move from a racist, overrated scumbag of a player.


It’s rumoured he is going to take over at Aston Villa as right hand man of Henry… Our Henry.


This isn’t true. He had other offers – including one to stay on at Villa.

I think he probably wants to finish while he’s still a half decent player – and perhaps this means there is some truth in the rumours of him and Thierry Henry taking over at Villa.


Wenger and Bould V2.0 :heart_eyes:


Rumous, Bollocks. He’s retired. Gonzo, done, Fuck off.


Now that all the cunts have left Chelsea and they have a likeable manager my hatred towards them has wained somewhat. Can get back to hating Spurs again :slight_smile:


Is he?
I don’t know about him but I thought he carried a circus around him as well.


A statue would have a higher IQ than Terry himself.


Ewww… the class of Henry next to this mug? Just no.

Regarding his success as player, pretty damn impressive-17 trophies including 5 league titles, CL, and Euro.