Chelsea thread


dont get him started buddy


Pep must be shitting himself!


I’m not sure how reliable the secret football on twitter is. I rarely see him post any rumours, but he is saying Chelsea are in the process of being sold for 2 billion and Pulisic is close too joining them. Which means Hazard or Willian is gone I reckon.

These rumours are probably to be taken with a grain of salt, but it is really quiet around them. Apart from Jorginho/Sarri,


I can’t see how Chelsea are worth 2b?

At least with us there’s an entirely newish infrastructure in place, such as training facilities, stadium and even the property development side of things.


I’m not sure how these valuations are constructed, but according to Forbes Chelsea is valued at 1,5 billion pounds. Cobham Training Centre is also new-ish (opened in 2007). The redevelopment of Stamford Bridge could have been taken in the valuation. I’m not sure.




Out of team like Costa?


The 23-year-old Spanish international goalkeeper arrives ahead of the new Premier League season having signed a seven-year contract at Stamford Bridge.

Is that even allowed? Seven years


I don’t think there are rules about the length of a contract.


Real really should have bought De Gea when they had the chance.
As much as I love seeing Chelsea getting shafted, United losing De Gea would have been absolutely amazing.
Fuck Real


Sounds like poor representation tbh


Chelsea loyal not taking the Courtois news well


-_- fucking attention seeker


He’s a goalkeeper. Goalkeepers don’t move that often. What Courtois is doing is more exemption than rule. If he’s going to be a success Chelsea is going to offer him a raise regardless.


Kepa for 71m lol. Amazing.


Image if he failed lol!




Don’t read it.


I’m disappointed in that guy that he didn’t call him Cuntois.


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