Chelsea thread


Did wonder as soon as I saw TalkSport !!


Understandable. Chelsea treated him like shit.




Go on Antonio! Destroy them!


Loss of earnings doesn’t quite cut it when you’ve just been paid next year’s salary. He has a right to be pissed off though, he’s basically missed every chance to get another job now because of this.


The funny thing is they have replaced him with a much worse manager. Joke of a club.


Conte has a point. Had he been sacked after the FA Cup final, I have no doubt he would have made overtures about joining us. Would have been a better option than Emery


That’s what I wanted to happen and it might be the reason Chelsea waited before announcing the decision.
It’s not as if anyone didn’t know he was leaving.
He would have been a great manager for us.


Conte is not my cup of tea stylistically but god it’s depressing to think of having a manager of his quality instead of Emery. :confused:


Costa might text him.


What a messy break-up



Never felt he deserved any adoration.
He is a cunt in his own ways.

He can’t complain about anything.
He had a contract with Chelsea.
They can sack him anytime they want. If he was concerned about missing out on jobs, resign.


You haven’t even seen Emery at Arsenal you depressive?

Coupled with the fact that Emery’s record is pretty bloody good…


It’s OK mate, you’ll get used to him. Next he’ll be rambling on about someone eating a paella/pasta based dish 3 times a day.


He has yet to win a trophy, but he is great manager.




Not having a go, but what is funny?

I think we have every right to be optimistic with Emery and his trophy cabinet speaks for itself?

Who are we to be so arrogant!


Not only that, but it’s not like he’s like some bloke out on his earhole who needs a wage next week. He can well afford to hang about until something he fancies comes up.


Under Emery we win every game 9-0. That’s good enough for me.


This is true.
I don’t think Conte at his next job, is going to be saying the words, "would you like fries with that?’ :grinning: