Chelsea thread


United wanted Hazard but Fergie refused to pay the agent fee


Hazard chose Chelsea because they won the CL no?


I don’t think he was signing for them until that happened tbh


that was one for sure, thanks guys!

Chelsea for sure slippery muthafuckas in the market.

Think Robinho is the main one they’ve been stiffed over, but I dunno if they mind that haha.


Classy as always


Not surprised. That club really does lack class.


He’s been trying to get sacked for at least 9 months so I’m not surprised there’s bad blood. Though they should probably do the classy thing and add an extra two words to the statement.


Any manager who manages Chelsea is onto a win win situation really, if they’re successful they keep their job, they lose they get rich :rofl:


Any other club and I would have consider Conte an absolute twat.


You say that to the management there and they will be like ooooohhhh yeah sorry i forgot that then proceed to write ‘fuck you’


Sarri official


@Luca_from_Italy does Sarri even speak a word of englando? He seems like a VERY italian guy if you know what i mean.


He used to be a banker and worked in various cities including London – so i’d assume he knows the language.

More importantly, he knows the language of “racism” so he should fit right in.


Read that he already knows english, as he worked in bank before becoming a football manager.


Damn. Hopefully he flops massively.


Even if he doesnt he will be gone within a couple of years. They never seem to keep a maanger even if they have served them well because the players get bored and then start to be snakes again or Abramovich has an itchy trigger again.




I wont be unhappy to see him leave the Premier League.


TalkSport ‘Abrahmovic is a Knobhead’ on YouTube ?

Anyone seen the interview with Conte and is it for real :flushed: wtf ??


Obviously it isn’t real.