Chelsea thread


hope so, problem is that chavski will never colapse totally with very rich people willing to jump in which fucking sucks. The rentboys will be around forever.


Maybe, but just because there are rich people that want to get involved with the club it doesn’t mean they will spend their own money, like Abramovich did.

We have an owner who is incredibly rich but there’s no way he would invest any of his own money into the club.

It will; be interesting to see how the transfer window goes for Chelsea.
They could lose big players but will they replace them with other big players?
Will Conte stay.
Can they persuade Hazard and Courtois to stay.
What ever happens they aren’t the force they were when Abramovich was buying them all their trophies.


Plus, if it starts getting a bit shaky over there (if it already isn’t), might’nt some big targets start having some doubts about going there. Pretty delicious to see how it all unfolds (unravels?). :slight_smile:


Just hope this cnt of a club fckn decimates itself and implodes !!


Both want to play for Real though.


Chelsea looks to get Sarri and Jorginho.


And Golovin and Rugani.

Looks like after all that they will land on their feet. Not surprised tbh :arteta:


Wasn’t Jorginho going to City? That would be a steal from Chelsea.



lol, even City have managed to be Chelsea’d

Spurs: Willian
Liverpool: Meireles
Man United: Can’t think of one actually
Arsenal: Mata
City: Jorginho


John Obi Mikel!


Arjen Robben too, I believe


Kante too I believe, ugh.


I think Hazard as well.


Gary Cahill aswell

So basically half of Chelsea’s team :joy:


Basically every top footballer, at every top club, we either “tried” to sign or we “nearly” bought, but they didn’t quite meet with our valuation :facepalm:


The news no one saw coming…


The next Chelsea manager will be the fourteenth in as many years.
I heard somewhere, a while ago, that Chelsea had spent more money on paying off their sacked managers, than we had on buying players.
What a joke of a club they are.

Conte is a top manager, and wherever he goes next, I’m sure will do a good job.


Conte is a very happy camper.

He clearly didn’t want to be there dug his heels in and leaves as a serial winner with a £9mil pay off.

The way he was goading them all season to sack him was hilarious.


Shrewd fucker.