Chelsea thread


Of course. Don’t see why I should then make allowances though. not that I’m particularly worked up about it either.


Not allowance but branding someone something extreme based on one weak moment.

Being labelled a homophobe is too extreme for just calling someone a faggot.


After how many times is it fair?


Yep, he would improve them massively.


There can’t be a fixed number of offences just like we shouldn’t rigidly by straight away going with the label as well.

It should really depend on the person.


I’m pretty sure calling someone that is a great example of being a homophobe.


Then I must be a self hating member of the LGBT community.


Nothing beats coming home and having a couple of warm faggots covered in yummy thick meat juice.

I find whipping up a bit your own to add to them can help. Faggots can get a bit dry when you get into them… so a bit extra of your own meat gravy can help moisten them and go down easier.

Next post ill tell you the best way to eat a weiner and watch out for youtube channel where we share hot tips while eating on some of the country largest and most popular Dykes.


So, preseason has started but these guys still haven’t got a new manager, or bought anyone.


Even their owner isn’t interested anymore.
All their plastic supporters will find another club and it will just be…



Cant make this stuff up :mustafi::heart_eyes:


Chelsea are going to be interesting next season

Conte is still their manager, even though he’s not, and they’ve made no signings – window closes in a month. Not to mention they still have a few important players at the World Cup who – if they remain Chelsea players – will not be back by the start of the season.

Car crash incoming


It’s a very weird situation. They have a manager who isn’t their manager and want a manager they’re not willing to pay to get. It seems they don’t have the money to sack their manager and then hire a new one.

It’s a real disaster over there right now. I can see Conte being manager next season. He’s just doing disservice to his quality though - he deserves better.


Pure comedy gold. Total meltdown at Chelsea atm :mustafi:


Conte is such a nutter, I love it.

Hopefully they lose at least one between Cortois and Hazard by the end of the window, preferably Hazard.


So Conte hasn’t got his pay off. This certainly looks like a side with far less financial clout right now.


Imagine they have another 15/16 season :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::pray:


Chelsea always end up doing a madness transfer out of nowhere. So not buying this crap just yet.


I can see top players leaving, rather than coming in.
It’s as if Abramovich has said, I’ve had enough, no more money, sort it out yourselves.