Chelsea thread


If they got players like Loftus Cheek in their reserves, then they should be fine playing them, but the days of spending big on big signings like Ballack, Shevchenko and Torres are over.

Don’t think they will fall away completely but they won’t reach the heights they’ve done on recent years either.

Basically back to their best seasons pre-Abramovich, top4 etc.


Before the money were Chelsea just a fancy version of West Ham? I only know a successful Chelsea since I started watching football. It cons me into thinking they’re a big club like United but they’re not


It sounds like you would be happy with this :gabriel:


Well not at our expense obviously. Depends who’s in the mix. If it’s Man United and Spurs who miss out, then i’d absolutely be on board with it.

I really like Loftus Cheek though, he’s a great talent and i’d like to see him succeed, it’d be good for England too.


Leeds still went bankrupt and went from the semis of the CL to League 1. If Abrahomivic comes in a few years earlier maybe he goes for Leeds instead.


The point I responded to was that Chelsea were going out of business. It simply would not have happened because they were a PL club and someone would have bought them.

Where they might be had it been someone other than Abramovich is a different thing altogether.


Right, fair enough, they wouldn’t literally have gone out of business.

It’s ironic neither Chelsea or City were their current owners first choices IIRC



Conte hasn’t even been sacked yet. It seems like such an inevitability that I just assumed it had happened already :grin:


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Mancini said

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Yeah, nothing homophobic about that in the slightest :thinking:

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.I agree, nothing homophobic.


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I love your willingness to actually engage on a topic when someone disagrees with you.


They said he knows english, tbh.


Koulibaly has decided that he should be the man to confirm that Sarri has gone to Chelsea. He said he is “disappointed” about his departure but hopes he wins lots at Chelsea.

Just don’t follow him Kalidou!


Or people could just not be arseholes. That would work too.


Wishful thinking, don’t you think?