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Cunts and racists :wenger2:


It’s funny that all those Chelsea fans thought Abramovich was really a Chelsea fan, but really all he wanted was a high profile and glamorous business to make him look respectable, rather than the crook he is.

I can’t wait to hear all the excuses they are going to come up with, especially the ones that insisted that his millions spent buying the best players, was nothing to do with their success anymore, and they had a self sustaining model.

Let’s see how their self sustaining model works when they are plying their trade in the Championship with John Terry as the manager.


Chelsea back where they belong? :wenger:


Well in big lad!!!

God, I love the times when you’re terribly pessimistic about other teams instead of Arsenal.


So, that post basically.



“Come and get me”

“If I stay, it will be because the team will be better than the season we have just experienced.

"I do not want to stay if we are less good.”

I really do think Chelsea will be “less good” next season. They seem to have hit a wall. They’re not really anything at the moment. They don’t even know who their manager will be!


He is gone then. Abramovic’s spending days are gone.


He’s basically calling for Conte to be sacked. Bit disrespectful tbh


What a liar Hazard is saying he wants to see what’s happening at Chelsea before thinking about going to Real Madrid.
Why would he stay at Chelsea when the most famous club in Europe are interested?
Is it because Chelsea have a proud history, going all the way back to when Abramovich took over?
Or their massive 40k stadium they struggle to fill with all the plastic supporters they have managed to accumulate?

Let’s see what Abramovich does, if he does sell Hazard.
Will he give the manager all the money he gets for him, or will he give him enough to get a player like Giroud, Barkley or Drinkwater, which is more in line with their recent signings?

Imagine if Abramovich is bored and walks away, then asks for his money back, all the glory hunting supporters would be looking for a new club.


As much as i would hate it, apparently it wont happen because that really wealthy twat with even more money than Abramovich wants to buy it and he is worth 20bn apparently. I would love it if he asset stripped the club and they go the way of AC Milan, from being one of the top clubs in the league to slowly fading away as a spent force.


To be fair, their attendances 20 years ago are not much different to the attendances they get today.

The years pre Abramovich, Chelsea were still decent enough anyway, had some class players playing for them! They’re not suddenly going to fall off the face of the earth if he sells up – unfortunately.


Sarri seems to be close.


They were going out of business just before Abramovich bought them.
They couldn’t pay their debts and would have had to sell their best players just to keep going.
I can remember them in the seventies and eighties as a club constantly drifting from top league to the second tier, and I can also remember other London clubs like West Ham and spurs regularly having better attendances than them.

Unless they get a new rich owner, they aren’t going to be challenging for the PL title, and when they sell their best players, it will be very difficult for them to attract any other top players to the club.

I’m not suggesting they are going to get relegated but if they can’t get an owner that is willing to put his own money in, then they could easily be just another mid table club, because they can’t sustain their wage bill on the crowds they get.


Not really though. Someone else would have bought them if not him.


They might not have with the debt they had they were close to doing a Leeds and going bust. If they didn’t make top 4 that season it was a distinct possibility.


They’re at the stage now where they have the commercial deals to be self sustaining to a large degree.

Anyway if Chelsea lose Hazard and/or don’t rebuild well they will struggle for top 4 anyway. From the title winning sides Costa and Matic have left and Fabregas is well past his best. Hazard might leave, Cahill is 32, Luiz 31, Pedro 30, Giroud 31, Willian 29. Their new recruits in Morata, Barkley, Drinkwater and Bakayoko look a level below the players they’ve had in the past.


Fresh from scoring the winning goal in the World Cup final, Loftus Cheek will lead them to a top 4 finish… :sunglasses:


Last time I checked Leeds still existed.