Chelsea thread



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Pls god make it happen


Read something about them not being willing to pay Sarris release clause too.


Oh my days. Too good to be true.


Chavski fans see this ‘can you please ecshplaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin’


Avram Grant ffs :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Bet the Chelsea version of @AbouCuellar has had an aneurysm after hearing that




Was about to say if they hire Blanc and Poch goes and Levy hires shit (always trust bald cunts to bungle it) as I’d expect him to, the prem would be doing a nice collusion job to get the coaching on aggregate back down to its normal shit level. Though tbh not sure if we can really laugh based on their respective work at PSG you’d have to say Blanc was the better manager :thinking:


Well if we are talking about failure in the CL, getting knocked out by Pellegrinis City in 2016 is a lot worse than getting knocked out by Zidane’s 3peating Madrid and MSN+refs of Barca.

So I dunno about that.


No Sarri, then? :arteta:


Hazard and Courtois could be leaving.

Stadium plans on hold.

Roman can’t get a visa.

Europa next season.

Could this be the start of the Chelsea banter era :joy:


If/when Abramovic leaves i just hope they get a Kroenke-like businessman as their new owner.


hope they are bought for £1 again, that’ll literally make them a 2 bob club haha.


Fuck that. I hope they get Hicks and Gillette.


Venkys imo

Edit: Sky just on a permanent trolling madness these days :arteta:

Sad as I guess they have no sources in top level football anymore.


You can’t make this shit up,

Chelsea – a club whose fans don’t let black men on trains – don’t want Sarri because of his behaviour. Epic banter tbf.


reminds me of this guy


Chelsea don’t need Abramovich’s money anymore, do they? Aren’t they self-sustained?


How dare you compare Sarri to the legend that is Louis Litt!


Sarri is left-wing, while Chelsea are nazis :wenger2: