Chelsea thread


Morata has world class off the ball movement and top class control which you can’t say about many strikers. He’s one piece off the puzzle of being elite.

Lacazette has critics and defenders the like on here but he certainly doesn’t have world class movement, Morata does.


Whats the point of having world class movement when you shit the bed in front of goal?


This, no way until Morata stops shitting himself in front of goal can he be a top striker


Yeah I mean you can say Cavani has elite movement and poor finishing hit I still rate him very highly.

Mortar is not Cavani. He’s been benched by Giroud. This is the reality. He’s not all that. Chelsea fans have been extremely flustered by his inability to score goals with his feet this season.



Chelsea have had Lukkaku, Costa, Batshuayi and now morata. How is it possible that all those player are considered flops. Maybe lukkaku isn’t that good for a top team but i think they have had some good player, i think team chemistry/tactical approach are affecting their #9’s.



Lol Chelsea can’t afford it.


I think they can afford it.
They just can’t fill it :grinning:


The oil money must have dried out. Purchases like Drinkwater and Barkley tells you everything about the future of Chelsea.


Is this related to Abramovich not being able to renew his UK visa? Not sure how long he will hang around if the problem persists


Well that’s not so good, they will not he hamstrung’ by stadium payments any more.

But I guess I hope this is indicative of further collapse in their finances.


If thats’ the level of player they are buying, they will not only lose their top four place, they will lose their best players, and all their plastic supporters.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer club.


Be a good chant: No Roman, No Chavs.

To the Bob Marley song: No Woman, No Cry.


Fair enough really. Why would Roman want to invest millions/billions into a country he is currently not permitted to work in?!


That is supposed to be the reason.


No, the problem is that you can only hear them signing “Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea” for the whole game. A bit boring, isn’t? :wink:


if they dont get a new stadium and fast they will be left behind…mwahahaha they will soon be losing ground at a rapid pace, i sure hope this will be the beginning of the end, those salty tears will comfort me so deeply.

I really hope we will start seeing Abramovich asset stripping the club.


Maccabi Tel-Aviv CL champions 2021.


He’s got himself Israeli citizenship. Stadium on hold because he doesn’t want to invest a billion in a country he can’t work in.