Chelsea thread


He seems careless, he is definitely distracted.


Bit harsh some of the chances were very tight.


Very weak player, especially when Aubameyang caught up with Morata’s goal tally in 4 months, he plays like a little girl. I can’t believe we actually have a better striker than Chelsea, it’s been 84 years…


His movement for a player his size is superb but to put that many glorious chances wide is mind-boggling. It’s a dilemma for Chelsea as you know he’ll be brilliant off the ball and have plenty of chances.


You know what Morata is better than his spell at Chelsea suggests and I think Chelsea would do well to hold onto him and give him another chance.

I think a combination of injuries, poor team performances and losing confidence have impacted how he’s settled into a new team this year.

But people would do well to remember it’s his first season in a new league and it’s harsh to write him off the way fans have done. There’s a quality striker in tbere


Aubameyang came to this league for the 1st time in an awful team and straight away banged in the goals, Morata came to Chelsea who were champions and has struggled and still not properly settled in after a season, it’s the difference between a world class striker and an average striker


Morata is anything but an average striker! Still a class player. Just massively struggled in a new league after a decent start.


If you can’t finish you can’t be a class striker imo


Morata isn’t shit. He isn’t just a top team player.


Think this is first season as a #1 striker in an intirely different league to the ones he’s used to.

Probably wasn’t worth what Chelsea paid but I’d hold fire on the he isn’t a great striker until this time next year.

Agree that we have better strikers than Chelsea tho.

Aubazette > Morazoud


He’s not exactly a striker. Him being a striker at a club like Chelsea was always an experiment. It’s probably too soon to say it was a failure but I wouldn’t rely on him there.

He’s still good enough to be one of the front 4 players at Chelsea but they should really buy another striker.


He’s a decent player but never been the greatest finisher.

Think he’s not really suited to the Prem.


He is not suited to the prem at all. Big applause to Real Madrid for getting max value out of a guy who played second fiddle to a plumber like Benzema.


You’re comparing a striker that is in their prime to one who hadn’t been the #1 until this season.

He started off well and failed off with injuires and lack of confidence, the Chelsea team was mostly disfunctional ejich is largely due to Conte, even Hazard suffered.


Once upon a time Henry and Suarez weren’t very good finishers. They improved their finishing and became world class. If Morata improves his finishing he could be world class


Drogba had a bad first season and look how that turned out.


You can say that about any striker but Morata is 25 now and is entering his prime, he should have finishing ability. Perhaps he can’t fit in the PL but if you can’t fit in the PL you can’t be a great striker. I’m unsure why Morata has so many defenders here as Laca was getting abuse when he had a poor run in the 1st half of this season


Some fair points tbh.


Ronaldo went through half a season shooting like a donkey, Suarez the same.

It’s his first season, shit happens.


Why do we give high profile signings who rack in 100+k per week wages the first season leeway?

I really expect big signings to make sizeable impact straight away.