Chelsea thread


Can they forget that though?

I can’t imagine his appointment would go down well in Barcelona.


“If Conte leaves the club” :rofl: a very good appointment though, makes perfect sense but the uncertainty may be an issue for him.


What would make better sense would be for Pochettino to go to Chelsea, then Conte to come here and then Artera go to spurs :grinning:


The rivalry between Spurs and Chelsea seems bigger than our rivalry with Spurs these days so that would hurt Spurs fans. Can’t see it ever happening. Same with Barcelona, Poch would get death threats if he even considered that job!

Real Madrid would be more likely, or maybe Juventus. The only other PL team I can see him managing one day is Man United.


I think this may be his next job, Jose could be out next season as it’s destined to end in tears.

Big budget, very good players Poch would do very well there especially for their younger players.


Pochettino has gone to 8/1.
Someone, somewhere must have put a few hundred quid on it :wink:


I can’t see Poch managing anywhere but Real Madrid after Tottenham


Why do you say that?


I can’t see Poch managing in the premier league after Spurs (mainly because all the big teams seem to have a manager in place for the considerable future, plus I see Sarri going to Chelsea). Also there is just no way he’ll manage Barça, I can’t see either party going for it. So that narrows the options quite a bit, plus I don’t think Zidane will be hanging around there much longer so the timing may work out for both parties. He’ll want a big budget and a big squad for his next job and Real will give him that!


They are professionals in the end.




ohhhhhh this could be fantastic, out comes the popcorn. Problem is though i can see it being even worse, someone even richer would probably buy and then do a mancity. Mind you they owe abramovich serious moolah now isn’t it over £1bn that he has given the club. All of their fans say that they dont have to pay it, maybe hopefully we will see who is right.


Conte has done pretty alright for them but they’re going to sack him, but replace him with who? Imagine they go our route and it’s Arteta v Lampard :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Can Abramovich not apply for British citizenship already?

Besides as long as the government are collecting taxes from him and he’s still buying up property in London he’ll be fine :rofl:


He doesn’t seem interested in Chelsea anymore, tbh. It is still a good news though. City next :smile:


he is bored of laundering his dirty money through a dodgy shitty club, he wants a change of scenery :arteta:


Well he still goes to most games as far as I can tell so I’m not sure how you can arrive at that conclusion.


I meant to splash the cash.


The club hasn’t needed his cash in about 7 or 8 years now. Making the club self sufficient was always his intention.


abysmal stuff from a 60m pound man.