Chelsea thread






Trion you have arguments over the most ridiculous things haha


The state of those posts i edited. Can ye please just quote the text of the response rather than re-posting the entire conversation?


He can’t even keep up with spurs and Liverpool who have new managers, compared to Wenger, and inferior squads.


They just got lucky


Hmm not sure I’d go with that being the only/key issue. They won the CL in 2000 and 2002 and La Liga in 2001 and 2003. There after they sold Makalele and their squad was very unbalanced as they often played Beckham as the DM and their star players were now running on old legs. Valencia and Deportivo were top European sides back then and Barce were reinvigorated.

Capello did bring in a defensive spine with Canavaro, Diarra and Emerson and top forwards like Van big nose and Reyes. He played a more pragmatic Italian defensive game, which wasn’t popular and despite winning the league he was sacked. So while it was down to Capello tactics and decisions prior to that Real’s team balance was poor and their rivals elite.




Yeah, Chelsea are based on racism.


I guess the kids today aren’t aware that Graham Rix is most definitely “one of ours” :grimacing:


Chelsea can keep the racist nonce :smile:

Edit: this article is better than the BBC one, particularly if you want details about what was specifically said.

Truly appalling stuff


Haha i’d actually forgotten about this. Embarrassing.



Someone please explain


What needs explaining? His squad number was 26 and he got subbed off in the 26th minute of his final game


Oh didn’t know his squad number.


Wonder what the odds are on skybet of Pochettino to be Chelsea’s next manager :thinking:


Leave Tottenham for Chelsea? Don’t think so. He should replace Valverde at Barca.


He hates Barca you know


Pay him good money and he can forget his hate for Barca.