Chelsea thread


They should really be all over Alexis as well, strange they aren’t tbh.


Pretty sure this has been said every summer since like 2015? :stuck_out_tongue:

His form (or motivation?) seems so up and down season by season, I’m not sure if a team like Madrid is going to prioritise him on a downer season? I guess there’s not many big names that would be alternatives so it probably will happen at some stage.







YES! Our chances of a top 4 finish increase :wink:


I swear Conte is trying his hardest to get that severance pay lol. The interview was hilarious.


I wouldn’t be surprised Chelsea seem like such a cancer of a club. Embarrassing. The players have all the power the owner doesn’t have the back of the manager ever.


Just watched a bit of Chelsea U23s in the Checkatrade trophy. State of Chalobah’s hair. Yin and yang.




Was he not sold to Watford?!


This one is Trevoh, his little brother.


I think Hazard is off, which would be a pretty big nail


Or might be a blessing to them in the long run, the guy is a cunt he is toxic only plays for himself really, very snakey good at being the forerunner for getting managers sacked.


They won’t mind anyway. They have a ready made replacement in his younger brother, Kylian Hazard :grin:

Courtois has been flirting with Real Madrid too. He said yesterday that his heart is in Madrid and “If they want me, they have to contact Chelsea.” That’s a come and get me if ever i’ve heard one. I dunno whether Real will go after De Gea again though, instead.


Hazard is toxic. Only wins them the league every other year.


Strange view indeed.

He had an issue with Jose and who can blame him? He’s a prick. By all accounts Hazard isn’t flashy, is very humble and spends the majority of his time with his family. I actually think Hazard is too nice and if he had the mentality of say a Ronaldo he would be something else entirely, he’s one of if not the most talented player in the league but I’ve always felt he coasts on his tremendous talent which says a lot considering how highly he performs for Chelsea. He should be netting over 20 league goals a season.

Hopefully Real finally take him away from Chelsea as they would be utterly fucked without him.


Chelsea are a strange bunch. They win the league, then they get bored the following year and have the manager sacked.



Every manager they’ve ever hired was basically a short term manager though.