Chelsea thread


:rofl: A war declaration! :rofl:





Mourinho is fucked. Conte gonna batter him


I know who I’d be betting on in a brawl between those two, and it wouldn’t be the biggest, slimiest hypocrite in football.


heck i think mourinho is scared of wenger and even wenger would merk the little rat cunt. Maureen has a big mouth but is a fucking coward you can tell by his antics.


Remember this :kos2:. Le Boss showing Moaninho who the real man is.


I can imagine Mourinho peeping out from behind Pogba going “hold me back,” as Conte approaches him after the match.


Yup hide behind him and as he goes past pokes him in the eye, the little fucker!


I think Mourinho’s character was long revealed during the el Classico brawl when he poked Tito in the eye. He’s probably lovely to his wife, kids and friends but that doesn’t make him a good person.


At the risk of jinxing & Bakayoko scoring in Semi final; I would like to say what a flop he has been so far.


I went to a Chelsea home game near the start of the season and they were all singing that silly song:

“Ayyy eyyy ay Tiemoue Bakayoko Ayy eyy ayy Together with N’Golo Ayy eyyy ayy they never give the ball awayyy”

Safe to say, Bakayoko does give the ball away. And they are not singing that anymore.


Has Bakayoko really been that bad? I barely watch Chelsea games. How have Fabregas and Drinkwater been?


Well put it this way, when Bakayoka plays nowadays, the Chelsea fans are begging for Drinkwater.

Fàbregas is good as long as they have a 3 man midfield. Otherwise he is just OK.


Drinwater is keeping the bench safe and the stands, warm and out of troubles.


Fabregas still has an eye for a pass but in the last couple matches we’ve played against them defensively people go right past him with little to no resistance.


He’s stays true to his Arsenal roots in that regard.:grinning:


Eden Hazard having another dodgy spell this season too it seems. 6 goals and 2 assists out of 19 games in the PL.


Great player, but lazy as fuck.


Think he’s got one eye on a move to Spain tbh


Definitely off to Real Madrid in the summer when they do a squad refresh